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Physical Education BSc (Hons)

If you have a passion for physical education and sport, then study Physical Education (PE) in the Institute of Sport & Exercise Science at Worcester, a University with a proven record of excellence in this field.

This PE degree is specifically designed to meet the changing needs of the PE profession and has a broad range of modules that prepare you for a career in PE.

The PE degree can be followed as either Major (from Level 5 onwards), Joint or Minor Honours subject. This offers you flexibility in terms of your chosen career, with Major and Joint options. This provides a sound basis for anyone wishing to progress onto either, a primary or secondary Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) teaching qualification or other pathways into teaching such as Schools Direct.

During the PE course, you will be taught by an experienced and enthusiastic team of physical education practitioners who are committed to providing a quality experience that will enable you to become an effective and employable graduate. You will gain valuable experience on placements and have the opportunity of working in both primary and secondary school settings.

You have the option of studying abroad, spending a semester with one of our international partner universities. There are also numerous opportunities for you to supplement the course with a range of National Governing Body awards, ensuring that you extend your knowledge and understanding further.

UCAS code

You must study Physical Education in combination with another course.

Education Studies and Physical Education – X390

English Language Studies and Physical Education – QCJ6

Geography and Physical Education – LX74

Human Biology and Physical Education – CCD6

UCAS is the central organisation through which applications are processed for entry onto full-time undergraduate courses in Higher Education in the UK.

Health educator jobs search health educator job listings monster

Health Educator Jobs

Health Educator Overview

Health Educators teach people how to lead healthier lives. They work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nonprofit organizations, government offices and private businesses. Health Educators may work one-on-one with patients and their families. They may teach people about wellness through classes, workshops and conferences. They may also create and lead public health campaigns on various topics related to wellness, including emergency preparedness, nutrition or vaccines.

The duties that Health Educators perform on a daily basis depend on the setting in which the particular Health Educator works. Health Educators often assess people’s needs and develop programs and strategies to help them help themselves. They evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies and programs and find ways to improve them. They train health staff, collect and analyze data and connect people to the health resources that they need.

Health Educator Education Requirements

Health Educators seeking entry-level Health Educator jobs are typically required to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a subject such as health education or health promotion. They may also need to earn a Certified Health Education Specialist credential. Health Educators who are seeking advanced health education jobs, such as a job at a state or federal government level, may be required to obtain an advanced degree as well.

Health Educator Job Market

Currently, the job growth outlook for educators is around 21 percent. This is higher than average compared to all occupations. This increased demand is partly due to government efforts to improve the nation’s health care and reduce health care costs. It is much cheaper and healthier for everyone if Health Educators teach people good habits and proper preventative care before they experience any health issues. A related title would also be a Nutrition Educator .

Health Educator Salary

On average, Health Educators make about $48,790 a year or $23.46 per hour. This number can vary significantly, however, due to factors including the setting in which the Health Educator works, the amount of education the Health Educator has finished and the amount of experience the Health Educator has.

The leader in high school exchange ef high school exchange year

About EF High School Exchange Year

What is EF High School Exchange Year?

EF High School Exchange Year, a nonprofit committed to promoting global awareness for over 30 years, is the leader in high school exchange, bringing more international students to the United States than any other program of its kind.

Our mission is to promote international understanding and global awareness across the United States, and to do so with the highest levels of program quality and participant support in the exchange community.

How many students does EF High School Exchange Year place each year?

EF High School Exchange Year places approximately 3,000 students each year. We bring more students to the United States than any other high school exchange program. Since 1979, we have matched over 100,000 enthusiastic students from around the world with caring host families across the United States. All of our students are screened to ensure that they are well-prepared for their exchange experience.

Where do these students come from?

Since 1979, EF High School Exchange Year has placed over 100,000 students with American families. Today, our students come from 15 countries.

How does EF High School Exchange Year differ from the other organizations offering student exchange programs?

EF High School Exchange Year is the leader in high school exchange. We bring more international students to the United States than any other high school exchange program. We have over three decades of experience and offer unparalleled support and resources to our host families, students and schools.

We offer the strongest local and national support network in the industry to students, host families and schools. EF High School Exchange Year’s host families and schools have access to our full-time professional staff located at our Cambridge, Massachusetts headquarters. Our national staff is available 365 days a year/24 hours a day and has overall responsibility for each exchange student while they are living in the United States.

Our trained coordinators and placement specialists have extensive experience working with thousands of families each year. Ensuring that families are well prepared for the exchange experience and matching the right student with the right family is a top priority.

EF High School Exchange Year is the only high school exchange program to offer host families the opportunity for great discounts on exciting travel through EF Education First’s Educational Tours, Explore America, International Language Centers and Go Ahead Tours.

How long is the typical exchange experience for students?

EF High School Exchange Year offers students the opportunity to experience an academic semester or a full high school year in America.

What is EF High School Exchange Year’s role in the exchange process?

EF High School Exchange Year is responsible for coordinating every aspect of the student exchange process once the student arrives in the United States. We find host families; enroll students in school; and provide students, hosts and schools with ongoing support and guidance to ensure a successful exchange year. Our national staff is available 365 days a year/24 hours a day and has overall responsibility for each exchange student while they are living in the US.

Who is EF Education First?

EF Education First is the world’s largest private educational company and provides a broad range of language, educational, and travel programs so that people of all ages can broaden their horizons.

EF High School Exchange Year is an EF-branded program. Programs include: Educational Tours, Explore America, Cultural Care Au Pair, International Language Centers, Hult International Business School and Go Ahead Tours.

Where can I get more information?

In addition to this website, you can call our national office at 1-800-447-4273 to speak to a member of our staff. We look forward to speaking with you, and thank you for your interest in high school exchange!

Internships at parks nyc parks

How to Apply

You may apply for an internship with Parks in one of three ways:

830 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10065

Attn: Internship Coordinator

or fax them to (212) 360-8200.

Only one form of submission is necessary. Please state in your cover letter whether you are applying for a school year or summer internship.

NOTE: Due to current budget constraints, most internship positions are unpaid.

About Parks

Parks & Recreation is a public agency of over 3,500 people that care for about 29,000 acres of parkland. Parks' principal mission is to keep the parks, playgrounds, and sitting areas of New York City clean and safe, while also developing the City's recreational opportunities by offering quality facilities, programs, and events to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.

In addition to maintaining 14% of New York City's land, Parks is also the City's leading programmer of cultural, athletic, and social activities, including nature walks, concerts, learn-to-swim classes, sports clinics, historic house tours, and much more.

In the summer, the agency organizes free carnivals and concerts and sends mobile recreation vans to travel throughout the five boroughs, providing free rental equipment for skating, baseball, and miniature golf.

The Parks Commissioner appoints Deputy Commissioners, Borough Commissioners, and Assistant Commissioners who are responsible for managing the agency's divisions. These senior officials supervise the work of Parks employees and work with elected officials to complete capital improvements for parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers. They also work with the private sector to sponsor free public events and get the community involved in Parks through volunteer initiatives and educational and athletic programming in recreation and nature centers. In addition, they prepare Parks' budget and monitor the work of Parks' ice-skating rinks, golf courses, and other concessions.

Pharmacy internship program careers at safeway

Pharmacy Internship

We offer summer and annual internships in many of our pharmacies. Our pharmacists will help you train to be a future community practitioner.  Our internship program is designed to prepare students for the current and future realities of patient care in a rapidly changing health care environment.

A Pharmacy Internship will give you practical skills above and beyond your classroom experience.   Depending on the location, intern learning goals may include:

  • Develop interpersonal skills in relating to colleagues and patients and provide a high level of patient care services.
  • Assess pharmacy practice conditions and recommend any necessary changes.
  • Apply the concepts of Pharmacy Care in a variety of community settings.
  • Understand how disease state management services can be implemented in a community pharmacy setting.
  • Provide drug information and education to patients, caregivers, and other health care professionals.
  • Participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a flu vaccination clinic, as well as cholesterol, diabetes, or bone density testing or other specialty pharmacy care programs.
  • Learn broader aspects of pharmacy management and its contribution in a grocery retail setting.

Our internship program is intended for those students interested in employment with Safeway as a pharmacist following graduation.  To apply for an internship, you must be enrolled in a pharmacy school program and have fulfilled any state board of pharmacy licensing requirements.

Pharmacy Student Education Assistance Programs

Safeway provides financial assistance for pharmacy school students who are interested in working as licensed pharmacists for Safeway upon graduation.  Amounts vary based on desired work location and employment standing.

Pharmacy Experiential Education Program

Safeway is proud to offer opportunities for introductory (IPPE) and advanced (APPE) pharmacy practice experiences.  If interested, please connect your school’s experiential education coordinator with the appropriate regional pharmacy manager or recruiter, contact information for whom can be gained at the Safeway store in your desired location.


If you are a graduating or graduated pharmacy student, we are excited to have you launch your career at Safeway.  We encourage you to explore our current list of opportunities.  In some areas, we offer graduate internship hours until licensure.

Jobs in victorian government schools

Jobs in Victorian Government Schools

Welcome to Recruitment Online (ROL) .  Recruitment Online is the Department’s online job advertisement and recruitment management system for Victorian Government school jobs.

Whether you are an employee seeking a promotion or transfer opportunity to take the next step in your career or looking for your first job, you will find all Victorian Government school jobs, including executive class, principal, assistant principal, teacher and education support class vacancies, advertised on Recruitment Online .  Education support class vacancies include student support services positions (social workers, speech therapists and psychologists).

Recruitment Online Availability

Searching or Applying for a Job  (Applicants)

Recruitment Online allows you to:

  • search for and apply for current vacancies
  • be notified of relevant new vacancies by setting up a Job Alert, and
  • choose to be included in the Talent Pool for Principals to search for potential applicants.

Recruitment Online for Recruiters

Recruitment Online is used to manage all aspects of advertising a vacancy and progressing applicants through the recruitment process.  For employees involved in managing the recruitment process, a Recruiter Help Manual is available.  Help can be accessed by clicking the "Help" link at the top right hand corner of each screen in ROL or by accessing the Help for Recruiters link below.

Recruitment Online for Selection Panel Members

Recruitment Online can be used by members of selection panels in performing their role to

  • view the vacancy
  • access applications; and
  • review any attachments an applicant provides to support their application.

Online education leads education phone transfer leads first impression interactive

What are the Benefits of Lead Generation for My Online Education Institute?

There are many benefits that are associated with hiring lead generation for an online education leads business. This is a professional service provided by experienced individuals who have been trained in lead generation for years. Having a strong foundation in lead generation and high quality results ensures that clients will have access to more reliable leads.

Can First Impression handle Education Phone Transfers (edu hot transfers)?

Yes! In fact, our LeadPath software was built with this specific scenario in mind. Using our proprietary software when a user hits a certain threshold of interest and matches your demographic profile we can quickly and easily transfer that user to your call center.

If you have decided that your current methods of lead generation aren’t providing you with the results that you need for optimal success with your business, why not consider trying out FII-Inc and discovering what our services can offer towards the lead generation for your business? Already trusted and acclaimed by many clients, our services have helped to fill in the gaps in service that many small businesses and new business owners simply aren’t able to provide on their own. At Fll-Inc, we understand that lead generation can be a large and demanding responsibility – which is why we take care of it for you.

For more information about lead generation and how it can benefit your business, contact FII-Inc at 877-764-3477. The representatives will be able to answer your questions and acknowledge any concerns that you may have about how lead generation can improve your business presence and take you towards the pathway for greater success with your business or corporation.