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Internship report

Internship reports are reports which are written (and often presented) upon completion of an internship. The goal of an internship report is to provide an overview of the assignment(s) completed and lessons learned, and to reflect on the intern’s personal observations and experiences of the working environment.

The structure of internship reports vary, depending on the tasks which were assigned to the intern. Reporting on a work experience internship would focus primarily on the experiences and lessons learned from the working environment. However an internship report of a research internship might contain more academic insights such as a literature study, and might be structured more as a thesis.

Generally an internship reports consists of 10-20 pages.

To give examples of how internship reports can be structured, you can view below several sample internship report examples, collected from students who have interned in China, India, Singapore, Dubai and the USA. The following internship reports give an insight into the life on an intern within that company, the roles & responsibilities as an intern, and some information on living in that country in general.

Internship Reports – China

Siemens Real Estate, Beijing

Nadine is a management student from Germany and completed her 4.5 month internship with Siemens Real Estate in Beijing.

…internship duties:

1. Key Cost Driver Analyses,

2. Development of a financial report for real estate specific key ratios

3. Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting

4. HR related work such as Competency Management

…the typical working day:

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