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Adult & Continuing Education

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For general interest students:

  • 25 courses available
  • Anyone may register in any course without enrolling in a program
  • You can be a ‘general studies’ or an audit student
  • Use online checkout or call our registration office at 780.492.3116

Earn a Certificate

Program in detail:

Certificate Overview

  • 2-3 years

part-time study Flexible delivery

  • 8-10 Courses downtown or online
  • Program admissions closed ‘general interest’ courses still available
  • The Certificate in Adult & Continuing Education (CACE) program provides professionals with the opportunity to enhance their competencies associated with the design, development and delivery of adult education and training. Seminars and workshops offered in the CACE program are relevant to various occupations, including instructors, trainers, staff development officers, counsellors, group leaders, curriculum designers and human resource professionals. Participants come from a wide range of public and private organizations and educational institutions.

    Inter-Campus Course Availability You may complete courses by correspondence through the other consortium members and receive transfer credit towards your program at the University of Alberta. More »

    Qualifying for admission

    If you do not meet all the admission requirements, you are still invited to apply for admission and your qualifications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Core competencies of our graduates

    • Contribute to and enhance the learning experiences of those you work with
    • Enhance the professional practices of people responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of adult education and training programs
    • Develop the professional competence of people who practice, or aspire to practice, as teachers and trainers of adults
    • Develop an understanding of, and the ability to apply: concepts, principles, and practices involved in the development, delivery, and evaluation of learning experiences for adults
    • Develop skills in planning, managing, teaching and evaluating courses and program, coordinate and facilitate training programs for adult learners.
    • Learn from respected instructors and colleagues, and network with other professionals in the field
    • The Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education will improve your communication and training skills. It will also give you experience in public speaking, making presentations, structuring learning experiences, and managing training programs
    • Learn effective strategies for helping adults learn
    • Help prepare you for registration as a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) or Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) as granted by the Canadian Society for Training and Development

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