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President’s Welcome Message

Gael M. Casner

HECA President

I’d like to welcome you to HECA and hope you take this opportunity to explore the wealth of information provided in our website. Once you spend a bit of time with us, you’ll understand how unique we are to the world of educational consulting. We are especially proud of our reputation as a warm, friendly group of professionals willing to share our experiences and insights. We are also proud of the attention we pay to the principles of professional development and ethics, core values that have served us well since our founding in 1997.

We like working with a variety of students: from the gifted to the struggling, from the artists to the athletes, from those who come from enriched environments to those who have great need. In fact, over 90% of us dedicate time and resources to pro bono work. That’s just who we are.

I invite you to read on and explore our website to learn more about all that HECA has to offer. Please contact us if you have any questions.


For our members

HECA is committed to supporting you so that the work you do with students is the very best it can be. That is why the bulk of HECA’s resources are directed to programs and experiences that will enhance your growth and development as an educational consultant. Be sure to take advantage of the many college tours we offer each year or the annual conference that features outstanding guest speakers and seasoned professionals who share their expertise. Get involved locally through your community rep or tap into the wisdom of others by posting a question on our member listserv. Browse the HECA website to find the latest resources or learn about companies willing to give you discounts on products designed to make your job easier. Tap the Join HECA tab to learn more about membership.

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