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Health Educator Jobs

Health Educator Overview

Health Educators teach people how to lead healthier lives. They work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nonprofit organizations, government offices and private businesses. Health Educators may work one-on-one with patients and their families. They may teach people about wellness through classes, workshops and conferences. They may also create and lead public health campaigns on various topics related to wellness, including emergency preparedness, nutrition or vaccines.

The duties that Health Educators perform on a daily basis depend on the setting in which the particular Health Educator works. Health Educators often assess people’s needs and develop programs and strategies to help them help themselves. They evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies and programs and find ways to improve them. They train health staff, collect and analyze data and connect people to the health resources that they need.

Health Educator Education Requirements

Health Educators seeking entry-level Health Educator jobs are typically required to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a subject such as health education or health promotion. They may also need to earn a Certified Health Education Specialist credential. Health Educators who are seeking advanced health education jobs, such as a job at a state or federal government level, may be required to obtain an advanced degree as well.

Health Educator Job Market

Currently, the job growth outlook for educators is around 21 percent. This is higher than average compared to all occupations. This increased demand is partly due to government efforts to improve the nation’s health care and reduce health care costs. It is much cheaper and healthier for everyone if Health Educators teach people good habits and proper preventative care before they experience any health issues. A related title would also be a Nutrition Educator .

Health Educator Salary

On average, Health Educators make about $48,790 a year or $23.46 per hour. This number can vary significantly, however, due to factors including the setting in which the Health Educator works, the amount of education the Health Educator has finished and the amount of experience the Health Educator has.

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