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Are You Feeling Lost Here? This is understandable; Free-Ed.Net is truly an unique place. The confusion arises from the universal expectation that a place of education is designed to systematically transform an individual into a stereotypical "educated person" who is set upon the path to lifelong success and satisfaction. People arrive here expecting to be told exactly what they need to do in order conform to that image. Free-Ed.Net, however, deals with the reality of human uniqueness — that every person is a truly an individual who ought to be free to capitalize upon their individuality.

Free-Ed.Net does not tell you what your learning goals should be and how to achieve them. We simply supply some tools, insights, and opportunities for finding you own way–for experiencing exciting ventures of your choice or design, and engaging with the working world according to your own standards of achievement.

So now you see why this site can seem so confusing at first. It is built to encourage individuality instead of conformity. It is a breeding ground for eagles, and not yet another nursery for worker ants.

Discover Your Passion. Like the love of your life, the passion for your work is a matter of heart and soul, not of mind. You don’t find passion in a box, at a seminar, in a book, through aptitude tests, or even by way of most career counselors. True passion is found by exploring a world of unlimited variety and rich in potential. Free-Ed.Net is a good place to start.

Develop Your Potential. Ordinary people use ordinary means to achieve ordinary goals. Virtually all career development programs are designed for ordinary people. OF course such programs are providing a vital service for millions of people–ordinary people. But extraordinary people require extraordinary means for accomplishing their extraordinary goals.

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