Finding an internship in the usa interexchange

Finding an Internship in the USA

Take the initiative to find an internship or training program on your own. American employers appreciate individuals who show their willingness to pursue their own positions. The more energy you put into searching for a position, the more likely it is you will find a program that suits you. Once you’ve found an internship, we encourage you to complete an inquiry and request a full application for the InterExchange J-1 Visa Sponsorship Program .

Finding Your Own Internship

10 Advantages to Finding Your Own International Internship

Resume & Searching

Resumes and Supporting Documents

Make sure your resume and supporting documents that U.S. employers typically require from applicants are in order. Your resume should summarize your educational background, your relevant work experience, and the type of internship for which you are looking. Here are some tips on creating U.S.-style resumes .

Searching for an Internship

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