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I recently took another class at the Emory Center for Lifelong Learning.

The listing/map was not clear and just said Main Campus. I thought that the Lifelong Learning Main Campus was the Briarcliff campus, but it turns out they were referencing the Main Emory Campus. This is the 2nd time the location of the class has not been 100% clear, so if there's any question I'd make sure you know where to drive to. The people at the office at the Briarcliff campus were unable to give me good directions to the main Emory Campus, but once you pass Emory on Clifton it's super easy to find your way around.

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I've taken lots of classes here and do sometimes look for additional opportunities (perhaps a… I've taken lots of classes here and do sometimes look for additional opportunities (perhaps a drawing class in the near future). The were so helpful when we had a family death in the office and I had to reschedule my class on the day the class started, so I appreciate the amazing customer service. Alumni also get a discount on future classes.

I took several management courses for work, but didn't end up with my certificate (transferred out of management before I completed the program). It looks like they've made it easier to sign up for the whole certificate program now instead of on a class by class basis.

The best management courses were by Merle Strangway. He's very engaging and a fun teacher, even after repeating a couple of exercises in multiple classes.

My least favorite was "Executive Presence for the Non-Executive". It felt very dated and not at all in tune with the current rise of the creative professional/executive. It was supposed to be held in a cushy conference room to set the tone, but the A/V situation was bad that day and we moved to a regular classroom.

The campuses were wildly different when I took my classes and I much preferred the Briarcliff campus. On the Briarcliff campus the classrooms were comfortable and coffee, tea and lunch were provided. At lunch you can sit with the people in your class and get to know them or continue discussions at lunch. The Alpharetta campus is in a boring office building with no coffee and you have to drive for lunch and no one really goes together. Parking was abundant in both locations, though you do on occasion have to walk a couple of blocks uphill on the Briarcliff campus.

My husband and I took a swing dance class, which was off campus at a dance studio near Monroe and 85. I'm looking over the website now and it doesn't appear that the location is noted and I believe it was not noted when I registered. I didn't like having to drive across town to take a class when there's the assumption that it's on the Briarcliff campus.

Overall I think this is a great continuing education program and would recommend it for both personal and professional learning. Read more

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