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Education Consultant Jobs

Education Consultant Overview

Education Consultants work with teachers, administrators and the community to develop, implement and evaluate a school’s learning environment and curriculum. They help schools select the best curriculum, and they work with teachers and principals to effectively implement it in the classroom. They also evaluate a curriculum’s effectiveness and make changes as needed.

During an average day, an Education Consultant visits schools within the district to meet with and advise teachers and administrators. They conduct and participate in meetings with school board members, school staff members and teachers to evaluate a school’s current curriculum and make the appropriate modifications. They also collect data and make sure that the school is complying with all education laws and guidelines.

Education Consultant Job Requirements

Education Consultants are required to have a degree in curriculum and instruction as well as several years of experience. They frequently have extra areas of specialization, including English education, curriculum design or audio and visual education. Many Education Consultants have a master’s degree or higher, and they may also be a member of certain curriculum-focused organizations. Education Consultants should have strong communication skills and enjoy working with people to be successful in their daily duties.

Education Consultant Job Market

The job outlook for Education Consultants is growth of around 20 percent, which is better than average for other careers. Schools are very interested in improving their quality of education and their test scores, so there is a great need for qualified Education Consultants. Other consultant positions include Training Consultants .

Education Consultant Job Salary

On average, Education Consultants make approximately $62,000 per year. This amount can vary by school district, location and experience. Salaries are also dependent on whether Education Consultants work for public schools, private schools or other agencies. Consultants who work for school districts typically get vacations, paid time off and a pension.

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