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Launched in 2007, is the 4th largest parenting website with more than four million unique visitors each month.

The company generates revenue primarily through display advertising.

The site offers a broad range of content to parents and educators including:

Articles: hosts tens of thousands of articles written by the company's in-house editorial staff and acquired from universities, publishers, non-profits, research organizations, teachers, psychologists, and physicians.

Activities: offers thousands of hands-on and curriculum based activities, worksheets, games, and coloring pages a€“ all sorted by grade level and topic.

Community: Using JustAsk, members have the ability to share advice with Education.coma€™s community of thousands of parents and the company's panel of experts.

Schoolfinder: A resource empowering parents to obtain qualitative and quantitative information on more than 200,000 schools (preschools, K-12 public, private & charter schools, and colleges).

Video: produces and acquires high quality, engaging videos on a wide range of topics of interest to parents from back-to-school tips to holiday activity how-tos.

Mobile: offers a free iPhone App ("Fun Finder") through the iTunes store.

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