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Many of these gang leaders are highly intelligent and, though self-educated. extremely well read.

If you were a white and college educated in the oil business, you probably had a fabulous year.

They would be the ones to invest the big money into a propaganda campaign to convince less educated people that it was a hoax.

But it can make an educated guess using census data, other surveys, and population registers.

The buildup of this free time among the world’s educated population-maybe a trillion hours per year-is a new resource.

They are better educated than the population as a whole.

We used to think of these people as more educated or more connected than the average computer user.

The more stories you share with the world, the more people will be educated and fully understand this incredible creature.

Low skilled, poorly educated workers are the people for whom this recession has been catastrophic.

Maybe a color that is bold and creative, but also educated. witty and ironic.

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