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Educate Me was established in 1984 in Sydney, NSW. The company is involved in the creation, production and distribution of in-school presentations to primary schools. The company philosophy is to bring to schools programs which are educational, entertaining, affordable and which are specifically linked to key learning areas of the curriculum. The programs are presented to students through a live performance accompanied by various exhibits. Generally the programs are conducted for the whole school broken down into infants and juniors, intermediate and senior.

Our programs are developed to provide scientific credibility and educational relevance. Over the last several years Educate Me has developed programs which cover the areas of natural history, science and technology and the environment. We would class most of our programs as falling into the social studies area of the curriculum (or Human Societies and their Environments)

New programs are continually under development with the focus on a subject that integrates easily into the school curriculum. The company employs school teachers and educationalists to advise on program content and development and also to present our programs. We operate in all states of Australia and have expanded internationally. In 1996 the company offered its programs to schools in New Zealand and this was followed by expansion into South Africa in 1997, England in 1998 and the Republic of Ireland in 2000. The company plans to introduce its programs to schools in the USA. within the next few years. We estimate that currently our programs are seen by over 450,000 school children in all of these countries annually.

Our programs are presented to students with a large number of display items, some of which the children are able to handle and examine closely. As an example, some of the exhibits brought to schools include the skulls of dinosaurs, a working model of a volcano and an inflatable balloon in the shape of a sperm whale 30 feet long.

In 2000 the company developed a website. As it now stands, the site is purely and simply a method of providing information about the company’s programs. The site address is

All schools who schedule a program receive a disc containing educational resources. Teachers are able to print out worksheets and learning activities that are specific to the program they have scheduled and there is also extensive research information available to teachers wishing to pursue the subject in more detail. It is the company’s intention to develop lesson plans which will enable teachers to print a complete unit of work on various subjects.

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