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As an intensely data-driven performance marketing agency, we deliver leads that will convert to enrollments for both online and campus-based Colleges and Universities. Our approach to student acquisition does not follow a predetermined or “cookie-cutter” framework. Every school is unique and, as a result, so are the students that each institution chooses to target. DMi Partners leverages a full range of services to find the ideal candidates and to generate leads that will meet or exceed your enrollment goals.

Below are just some of the resources we utilize to generate enrollments:

Organic Search

Call Verified Leads

Members of:

Tired of wasting time and resources dialing leads that you cannot get on the phone or that don’t meet your unique pre-qualifying requirements? DMi Partners eliminates this problem by calling all leads to confirm that they meet the following core requirements:

  • 18 years old and a citizen of the United States
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Looking to enroll within the next 6 months
  • Not currently enrolled in another institution
  • Own a computer with working internet access for online colleges

Additionally, all inquiries are asked pre-qualifying questions unique to each institution to ensure that all candidates are fully qualified and genuinely interested in the degree program they have indicated. All dialing is U.S. based and all prospective students have requested to be called and matched with the best school for them.

Whether you are looking for leads to be posted into your system or batch emailed, our proprietary call center application can meet all demands necessary to deliver leads that have the best chance to enroll.

Hot Transfers

DMi Partners qualifies and transfers prospective students that meet your school’s unique requirements live to your enrollment advisors. Our confirmation process eliminates leads that are not interested or who may not be qualified for specific degree or certificate programs. Additionally, by transferring the individual directly to your enrollment team there are no concerns about getting the individual on the phone.

Top Converting Affiliates

Through our robust affiliate network, the CPA Café. we have developed working relationships with the top publishers who generate leads for education. The CPA Café is comprised of thousands of web sites, email lists, bloggers and search affiliates. Our data-driven approach enables us to quickly determine the publishers that consistently generate enrollments for our ongoing education campaigns. Through a series of expanding test campaigns we gradually bring top performing publishers to new campaigns and remove publishers that do not convert. The final step in this process is allowing publishers to send traffic to our site – In addition to constant quality monitoring, this step-by-step process assures that all traffic sources will have a proven record of conversion and that the cost per enrollment will routinely meet or exceed your goals. If you are looking to drive high quality traffic to your site or for leads to be posted in your system (or both), our top performing affiliates are the answer.

Tracking and Reporting

We understand that generating a lead is just the first step to developing a relationship between a school and a prospective student. We have developed proven methods of growing this relationship through a variety of media and communication platforms. Our proprietary tracking technology, DARC. enables us to track beyond the initial conversion tying offline data to our online efforts. Additionally, DARC allows us to track offline data including enrollments, dropouts, graduations, and more back to the original data source or keyword/search engine. We utilize this data constantly in order to optimize both our lead generation efforts and our ongoing enrollment solutions efforts. Whether you are looking to improve your email campaigns with prospective students, outsource your internal call center enrollment efforts or simply track beyond the initial lead request, DMi Partners has the right blend of solutions to meet your needs.

To find out more about the unique student acquisition and enrollment solutions that DMi Partners provides simply click here or give us a call at 1-800-947-3148.

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