Construction administration school of continuing education

Master of Science in Construction Administration

Construction professionals with front-line experience in the industry learn many of their skills on the job. But in order to advance into higher levels, formal training for management positions is essential. The master's degree in Construction Administration prepares construction professionals and those in related fields for advancement by providing a broad understanding of the complexities of the industry. Students learn from current leaders in the field whose real-world expertise serves as an unrivaled resource.

The program focuses on the commercial and residential building sectors and encompasses the increasingly complex process of construction administration, from design through build, essential for those charged with bringing projects to completion safely and within budget. Courses in construction management provide in-depth coverage of key topics such as:

  • Cost estimating and project financing
  • Construction techniques
  • Human and material resources
  • Construction law
  • Conflict resolution
  • Environmental safety and conservation

During their third and final year students complete a master's project, working individually and in teams to analyze plans and specifications and create a final management plan and manual for a real-world construction project.

Who Should Apply

The part-time program is appropriate for individuals who have experience in the industry and want to improve current job performance and advance into upper levels of management. Unlike other construction administration programs that are specifically geared toward those with engineering backgrounds, this degree is designed for those working in the field whose education and experience has a wider scope.

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