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Continuing Higher Education Review

Published annually by Harvard University, UPCEA's professional journal, the Continuing Higher Education Review (CHER), contains articles of relevance to issues of national and international importance in continuing and higher education.

Annual Subscription

$27 domestic; $35 foreign; fee includes postage and handling. All UPCEA Institutional Representatives receives 2 copies as part of UPCEA dues.

Send subscription orders and manuscript submissions to: Continuing Higher Education Review, Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education, 51 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA 02138; 617/495-2478; Fax: 617/495-2680. Attn: Wayne Ishikawa. Email: .

Fall 2013 Edition

  • Creating Institutional Space for Business Model Innovation
  • The New Postsecondary Landscape
  • Reflections on Issues of the Moment
  • Massive Open Online Courses: Looking Ahead by Looking
  • Distance Education: Access, Quality, Cautions, and Opportunities

Fall 2012 Edition

  • Demographics and Lifelong Learning Institutes in the 21st Century
  • A Systems Approach to the Future of Distance Education in Colleges and Universities: Research, Development, and Implementation
  • Reinventing Continuing Higher Education
  • Online Learning 2.0: Strategies for a Mature Market
  • Emerging Open Online Distance Education Environment
  • Thriving in Partnership: Models for Continuing Education

Fall 2011 Edition

  • For-Profits on the Move.
  • The Tethered Self: Technology Reinvents Intimacy and Solitude (PDF)
  • Liberal Education and Lifelong Learning:A Value Proposition
  • Activity-Based Budgeting in Higher Education
  • Innovation and Impact:Shaping Our Value through Trend Analysis
  • See full table of contents (PDF)

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