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Contact us on 01.7167123 or by email: adult.education@ucd.ie to request a copy of the 2013.14 programme.

Welcome to a new programme several new initiatives for this academic year. You can now register online using our new booking facility on www.ucd.ie/adulted

We have new Open Learning courses . Formerly called Extra mural or Interest, these Open Learning courses are part of a long tradition in UCD, and follow the legacy of the university’s founder Cardinal John Henry Newman, who wished to make higher level education accessible to a broad sweep or Irish people.

Today, UCD remains committed to widening participation in higher education, in all its forms, whether to accredited formal learning programmes or informal open learning provision.As part of the Access and Lifelong Learning unit we are collaborating with colleagues across campus to extend opportunities to all. We believe the rich intellectual resources of the university should be available to all. A new aspect of this commitment involves a new project on flexible learning which offers you an opportunity to sample a semester or two of Archaeology at degree level.

This year our colleagues in Science will open a remarkable new building. They will host our Open Learning programmes in their new facility and we welcome this development as it will facilitate a community of lifelong learners on the Belfield campus. In addition to the new initiatives we are also proud of one of our oldest offerings – mature years’ access courses. We have a unique and well-established record in Access for Mature Students. We offer Access to Arts and Human Sciences and Access to Science and Engineering Courses. all specifically designed for adults who may never before have had the opportunity to study at third level. The courses prepare learners who aim to take higher education options on completion. We also continue to offer our Certificate in Genealogy/Family History. Whatever your motivation we hope you join us in lifelong learning at UCD. We look forward to meeting you!

Dr Bairbre Fleming

Director UCD Adult Education Centre

UCD Access and Lifelong Learning


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