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What To Do The Last Few Weeks of Your Internship

Written by Lauren Berger


I’m happy to announce my new position as a regular blogger for teenvoguefashionu.com. I’m already so lucky to be able to connect with a portion of TEEN VOGUE’s community and now hopefully this blog will serve as a platform to connect with those of you who I have not met before.

To give you some quick background, I’m called “The Intern Queen”www.internqueen.com. The site is a FREE internship listings and advice site for college and high school students—like yourselves! The Intern Queen family consists of over 130 Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors and my lovely team of virtual interns from colleges all over the world! Feel free to check out the site, apply for listings, read our blog, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. I will be blogging every few weeks for teenvoguefashionu.com and we will also have some of our ambassadors blogging. I’m looking forward to a great experience!

Now, many of you will be wrapping up your internships over the next few weeks. You should be so proud that you made it this far on your internship journey—it’s not easy (trust me, I know!). These last few weeks are crucial at your internship as you don’t want to drop the ball on anything. Here are five tips on how to make sure the final days of your internship are a smooth ride. Good luck and please comment, leave questions, and stay in touch!

  • Meet with Yourself. This might sound silly, but take a few moments before bed one night to really think. “Am I making the most of this experience?” Is there anything else at the office you would LOVE to do? Think about what those tasks are and if you still have a few weeks left, ask your internship coordinator if you can set a meeting to discuss.
  • Be an intern connecting machine! Have you connected with each intern on Facebook? Is there a Facebook group of your fellow interns? Have you Facebook-ed all of the other interns you’ve met this summer? If not, let’s get it started. You don’t want to start doing this once the internship is already over.
  • Set a Farewell Dinner or Event. Be the intern that steps up to the plate and plans a “fare-well” event for everyone at your internship. Depending on the size of your company, this could be something for all interns at the company or just the interns in your department. This is a great time for last minute bonding and talking about everyone’s plans for the following summer.
  • Schedule an informational meeting with your boss or internship coordinator. Use your best judgment to determine who you should set a coffee or short meeting with. It should be the person you deal with every day (internship coordinator) unless you have an outstanding relationship with your boss. Ask them (ahead of time) if they can spare 10 minutes or so for a quick coffee or meeting. Tell them you’d love to have a wrap up meeting and get advice and hear a little more on how they got started.
  • Tell People What You Want. If you are graduating and need a job, do not leave your internship without letting your immediate boss know that. People aren’t mind readers. Set a meeting with your internship coordinator or boss (as I mentioned above) and let them know (very non-aggressively) that you are looking for an entry-level job and you really enjoyed your internship experience. Ask them if there is any way to get yourself in the running for future openings at the company. If you are headed back to school for another year or two, tell the internship coordinator how much you enjoyed your experience and ask them what the best way to stay in touch with them is.

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