Software for education

Software for Education

Electronics Tutorials (UK AQA Exam Board)

On-Line Text Book (reviseOmatic) An on-line text book for Electronics.

This is based on the UK AQA Electronics GCSE and GCE A Level specifications.

reviseOmatic Login On-line revision and test questions for Electronics.

Over 400 AS and 400 A2 on-line electronics test and revision questions based on the British AQA GCSE and GCE AS and A Level specifications. Most questions have an on-line help link. The help links can be temporarily disabled by the teacher for class tests.

Microprocessor Simulator – GNU/GPL

If you are looking for Neil’s simulator for the AQA Electronics A Level, it’s here with the documentation here .

This completely different simulator uses an instruction set similar to the Intel 8086 chips. The machine language is invented and no hardware exists to run it. The program was originally created because real assembly code run on the old MS DOS machines crashed if there was the smallest error in the code.

  • Learn about microprocessors using a simplified 8 bit machine.
  • Write assembly code programs using commands similar to the Intel 8086 family of chips.
  • Run or single step programs and see the CPU registers and RAM changing.
  • Learn about control systems and program simulated input and output peripherals.
  • Learn about polling and interrupts.

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