The CU Science Education Initiative is…

a university-supported, 5-year, $5M project to improve how we teach science to all undergraduate students, slated to complete in 2013.

The SEI focuses on:

1) supporting faculty to approach the teaching of science as a science, that is to:

Identify difficulties in and develop an understanding of student learning by using or developing research-based tools/techniques to monitor student learning.

Use instructional approaches guided by research on learning and measures of student learning.

Develop and utilize beneficial educational technology.

Archive and disseminate proven methods and materials.

News and updates:

New Course Transformation Guide

We have compiled a downloadable Course Transformation Guide ; a booklet aimed to help instructors use research-based principles in their instruction. Includes information about teaching and learning, and recommendations regarding instructional practice.

Article about Carl Wieman’s education efforts

Our past director Carl Wieman was featured in an article in The Chronical of Higher Education, June 17 2013: Crusader for Science Teaching Finds Colleges Slow to Change .

SEI featured in Science

The SEI and our past director Carl Wieman were featured in an article in Science Magazine, April 19 2013: Transformation is Possible if a University Really Cares .

clickers website & videos

We have a resource website devoted to clickers. including clicker questions, videos of expert teachers, and workshop materials.

Learning About Teaching Physics

The SEI has helped to support a short audio podcast on education research that relates to the physics and science classroom! Read more.. .

PhET wins 2011 Tech award

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