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APA Programs Now Available

With the release of this program, we’d like to extend a special thanks to this year’s Program Chairs—Dr. DeLeon Gray and Dr. Cary Roseth—and our President, Dr. Terri Thorkildsen. Without the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, our meeting would not be possible.

If you have any questions related to the Division 15 program or our events, please feel free to contact Wade George directly (wade.george@apadiv15.org ).

2014-2015 Call for Volunteers

The success of Division 15 rests on its membership, its elected officers, and the efforts of 15 Standing Committees and 5 Ad Hoc Committees. Without the volunteer efforts of our members, Division 15 cannot operate effectively and make a difference in our field.

Beginning August, 2014, openings exist on the following committees:

  • Nominations for Elections
  • Snow Award for Early Contributions
  • Early Career Research Grants
  • Dissertation Awards
  • Membership
  • Graduate Student Affairs
  • Development of Early Career Psychologists
  • Monitor to APA Board of Educational Affairs
  • Advances in Educational Psychology Conference
  • Editor, Division 15 Newsletter
  • Ad Hoc Psychology Today

Several of these committees have multiple openings. Some of these committees need members who are APA/Division 15 Fellows (as well as other members), and several committees need student members. Length of term varies by committee, but is typically 2-3 years. For further description of each committee’s charge, please see the Division 15 Bylaws .

If you’re interested in volunteering, you may indicate specific committees you would prefer to serve on, or simply that you’re interested across all openings. Please email Karen Harris ( karen.r.harris@asu.edu ), Division 15 President-Elect, regarding your interests; please also include a current vita.

All openings will be filled as soon as qualified members are identified, with new members taking their place on committees after the 2014 APA Convention.

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