Mathematics education centre loughborough university

Mathematics Education Centre

Welcome to the MEC.

The Mathematics Education Centre (MEC) has an international reputation for research and practice in teaching and learning mathematics.

The MEC is recognised for providing excellence in the delivery of university-wide mathematics support. Through the Mathematics Learning Support Centre. we provide support which is distinctive and of high quality to any students needing help with basic mathematics and statistics.

The MEC supports and actively engages with programmes supporting good practice which ensures that all staff and students have equal opportunity to reach their potential.

Thriving research environment

Within the MEC there is an overt and rigorous research agenda. Staff are active in a number of research domains, with a particular focus on mathematical cognition and pedagogy.

Innovative teaching

Innovative teaching methods are used extensively to ensure the very best environment for students to learn and teaching is underpinned with a rigorous research agenda.

Internationally recognised staff

Staff in the MEC are at the forefront of national and international developments in the teaching, learning and support of mathematics and statistics in Higher Education.

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