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Take us for a test drive. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a real-world peek into what working at Lockheed Martin is all about.

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Watch videos and read stories of Lockheed Martin employees talking about how they’ve built the foundation of a thriving career by starting at Lockheed Martin during or after college.


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We’re here to make your transition from college to the career world exceptional. Explore the possibilities for college students and graduates. Here is a glimpse of some of the innovations you may embrace.

  • Ocean, wind and solar technologies to solve our nation’s energy challenges
  • Magnetic wave communications that can find trapped miners through solid earth

  • Underwater vehicles for offshore energy, science, and oceanography

  • Advanced composite materials and intelligent lasers for manufacturing

  • Reshaping systems for government, Homeland Security, Intelligence agencies and the military as the #1 I.T. provider to the federal government
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