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The Kansas Education Employment Board (KEEB) is a free teacher recruitment service aimed at attracting teachers to Kansas teaching jobs. In addition to advertising up-to-date teaching jobs in Kansas, KEEB allows applicants to apply for positions electronically and provides information on licensure, state sponsored tuition and scholarship programs, and resume assistance. KEEB is supported by the Special Education Services Team of the Kansas Department of Education. Create an account today and begin your journey as a Kansas teacher!

The Kansas Education Employment Board offers a statewide retention effort supported by the KSDE Special Education Services Team. KEEB provides support for early career special education teachers through collaboration with the New Teacher Center.

KEEB is partnering with the New Teacher Center to offer eMentoring for Student Success (eMSS) and Explorations to teachers who are in their first through third years of teaching special education. Regular education teachers who are in their first through third years of teaching are eligible to enroll in special education Explorations. eMSS and Explorations are offered at no cost to teachers/districts. Stipends for professional development are also offered to mentees, Explorations enrollees, and their administrators. For more information go to: www.kansasteacherretention.com.

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