13 top schools for teaching amp education degrees online

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We need more teachers in the US, there’s no question about that. As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  states, the need for teachers across all levels will only increase. And with technology continuing to evolve, we need them to be as tech saavy as their students need to be (and probably already are!) Whether you’re completely new to teaching, a new teacher looking to complete your Master’s degree, or you want to further your education or get a certificate in a certain area, an online teaching degree might be a good option for you.

Especially if you’re working full-time, moving to a place with a good program and losing your income might not be feasible.

We write a lot about some of the online learning options available these days. These range from online tutors (both long term tutors and someone to whom you can pose a quick question or two) to MOOCs, free and paid online classes, certificates, and full degree programs. While you might still need to figure out if online learning is a good choice for you. taking a look at some of the options for enriching your own education as a teacher can help you see what’s out there.

Not all of the programs have the same offerings and rules, so you might be able to test out a course from one school without fully enrolling in the program to see if it is a good fit for you. Many of the schools we’ve listed below that offer teaching degrees online also offer teaching degrees in an on-campus format as well, and hybrid formats may be available, too.

Schools Offering Teaching Degrees Online

Walden University

Northcentral University

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