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Maintaining superiority in the Information Age Information & Technology

In a highly networked world, information is everywhere – easier to access and increasingly exploitable. Today’s technological advancements make information both a formidable weapon and a constant threat – to the point that it has evolved into a type of warfare all its own. With this in mind, America’s Navy has the Information Dominance Corps (IDC) – a community charged with mastering the capabilities, tools and techniques required to effectively collect, process, analyze and apply information.

Gathering data through sources ranging from advanced cyberspace operations to unmanned surveillance systems. Converting data into effective and actionable intelligence. Maintaining cutting-edge communications networks that effectively share and safeguard information. It’s all part of the mission for those who serve in the professional areas of information and technology in America’s Navy – for those warriors who do battle within the cyberspace domain and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Made up of both Enlisted Sailors and Officers. IDC members specialize in information-intensive fields that include Information Management, Information Technology, Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Cryptology, Intelligence, and Meteorology & Oceanography. Collaboratively, they develop and defend vital intelligence, networks and systems. Managing the critical information that supports U.S. Navy, Joint and national warfighting requirements. Maintaining the Navy’s essential technological edge.

Information Professional

Essential to everyday operations is the ability to communicate effectively and securely in the cyber domain. Central to these efforts are those who harness information, technology and knowledge while overseeing the seamless. read on Information Professional

Information Systems Technician

Network administration. Database management. Computer hardware and software implementation. Whether maintaining the integrity of everyday communications or safeguarding top secret data flow, the highly sophisticated networks. read on Information Systems Technician

Information Warfare

Conducting psychological operations. Managing the application of cryptography and cryptanalysis. Advising decision makers from the tactical level to the national level. Those leading information warfare efforts help ensure. read on Information Warfare

Cyber Warfare Engineer

Complex computer networks. The tactical systems they control. The vital infrastructures they support. All are under siege by enemies seeking to steal information or sabotage capabilities. Engineers specialized in the. read on Cyber Warfare Engineer

Cryptologic Technician

Analyzing encrypted electronic communications. Jamming enemy radar signals. Deciphering information in foreign languages. Maintaining the state-of-the-art equipment and networks used to generate top secret intel. This is the. read on Cryptologic Technician


The intelligence community is at the heart of strategy and operations in America’s Navy. Leaders here are armed with analyzed, processed and integrated information related to international policy and military strategy. read on Intelligence

Intelligence Specialist

Gathering data from a multitude of sources. Filtering out what’s important. Getting that information into the hands of military leadership and decision makers. Intelligence Specialists play a hands-on role in the process. read on Intelligence Specialist

Meteorology & Oceanography

Planning an air strike. Charting the best course for a deployed ship. Identifying currents that affect a submarine underway. Whatever the scenario, meteorology and oceanography are factors that inevitably come into play. And. read on Meteorology & Oceanography

Aerographer’s Mate

Monitoring sea conditions. Analyzing meteorological data. Developing accurate forecasts for virtually any locale in the world. Aerographer’s Mates do hands-on work that helps Navy Meteorologists and Oceanographers. read on Aerographer’s Mate