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Music Education Supplies (MES) is a specialist supplier of percussion instruments to the primary school market. With over 18 years Primary Education experience, MES can help you choose resources to suit any budget. At MES we have been inspired by visiting so many schools, conferences and workshops to see the exciting opportunities available to children in music education. We have taken on board ideas and advice from music specialists, music advisors and ASTs around the country. We hope our selection of resources will both inspire you and provide you with everything you need to get your pupils singing, playing, performing, composing and learning the place of music across all subjects. How easy is it to learn anything when you put it to music!

Brand new exclusives.

We are very excited to be bringing you our most varied selection of new and exclusive resources yet! We couldn’t have done it without listening to your feedback and ideas and how you teach music.

There are over 40 new resources this year to help you with your music lessons, from big drums to CD sets and colourful class sets to brand new recorders. Here is a small selection. Look out for the rest around the website.

We wanted to introduce a range of recorders that is affordable for today’s increasingly tight budgets but still great quality. So we created MES Maestro! The experts have helped us pick two descant models. Choose from the classy black and cream or go for something different with the rosewood-look model.

Find a job

Find a Job

Early childhood jobs

For information about current employment opportunities for early childhood educators, refer to general employment websites or your local and regional newspapers.

Applicants seeking employment as a kindergarten teacher are advised to check that their early childhood teaching qualification is approved for working in a licensed children’s service in Victoria, see:

To search and apply for early childhood development positions in the Victorian Public Service including policy, regulatory, project management and early childhood intervention positions in the Central and Regional Offices, see: Job Search

School jobs

Recruitment Online ? Find vacancies for principal, assistant principal, teaching and education support jobs, including student support services jobs such as psychologists, social workers and speech pathologists.

For assistance and advice on the recruitment online system, school teaching and other jobs in schools call 1800 641 943, and select Option 1 for Recruitment Online, or email

Sessional employment with Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority

Career Opportunities ? Lodge an application for sessional work such as exam assessing, VCE Exam Setting and Vetting Panels, school assessment reviewing and AIM marking.

Victorian Public Service Jobs

Job Search ? For all Victorian Public Service jobs in education, including Central Office and Regional Office jobs.

Tips for turning an internship into a full time job

Tips for Getting Hired After an Internship

If you are interested in turning your internship into a full time job after graduation, there are some specific techniques you can use to increase your chances of getting hired.

Many employers who offer internships do so as a way to try out and recruit new full time employees. Even though internships are a way for students to gain experience and learn more about a specific career field of interest; they are also a way for organizations to try out individuals and decide how well they fit within the overall culture of the organization. Many employer use their internship programs as a proving ground for the hiring process and are able to save money in their recruitment efforts by trying out potential new employees prior to extending an actual job offer.

Tips for Turning an Internship Into a Job:

Make a Good Impression.

As an intern it is your responsibility to show your supervisor and others within the organization that you have what it takes, both personally and professionally, to fit in with the corporate culture. Taking time to learn about the mission of the organizaton and what it values in its employees, can provide essential information on how they identify and define success .

Develop Professional Goals.

Identifying your professional goals and finding a rewarding internship that meets your expectations will be more beneficial to your skill development and future career aspirations than accepting just any internship that’s available. Internships are designed to prepare applicants for future jobs and careers; and finding an internship that will help you accomplish your professional goals will also assist you in being a more competitive candidate in your future job search .

Develop a Strong Relationship With Your Supervisor.

Be sure to keep your supervisor abreast of your work and accomplishments by checking in frequently and making sure you are meeting his/her expectations. Once you have identified your job responsibilities and you understand your supervisor’s expectations, work hard to demonstrate your personal initiative and your ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Developing professional connections as an intern will give you a head start in developing a professional network .

Develop a Strong Work Ethic.

Establishing a willingness to get the work done at all costs while maintaining a positive attitude gives the employer confidence that you will become a valuable member of the team if hired as an employee.

Complete Assigned Projects on Time.

If you foresee a challenge with a deadline on a project you are working on, make sure you notify your supervisor and ask for any input he/she might provide or ask for an extension to get the project completed. Be sure that you offer a valid reason for the project delay such as other unforeseen problems or other work priorities that needed to be addressed prior to getting the specific project completed on time.

Always Follow Company Rules and Established Guidelines.

Becoming part of the corporate culture includes learning the established dress code of the corporation. It also means learning time allotted and what’s expected for established lunch periods and breaks. Take your time to learn the rules and guidelines expected by the organization before jumping in and making any serious mistakes. Also, check out company policy on personal emails, phone calls, and internet use to avoid any awkward and embarrassing situations.

Seek Input From Supervisor and Colleagues on Your Job Performance.

Communicating with employers on your job performance will provide an opportunity for you to improve and make the necessary changes during the course of your internship. This input can be crucial in helping you to improve your job performance through clarification of the supervisor’s expectations. Problems can often be avoided once expectations have been openly communicated and everyone is clearly on the same page.

Tackle Easy, Repetitive Tasks with Enthusiasm.

The employer will trust you to complete more difficult tasks once they recognize your ability to handle the small stuff. Asking for additional and more challenging work will be accepted more positively by an employer if you’ve accepted responsibility for the more tedious tasks that are required to do the job on a daily basis.

Identify Issues Not Currently Being Addressed by the Organization.

You can offer your insight on problems you identify and discuss how you might solve that problem or fill that need within the company. Employers seek people who can think out of the box and identify solutions to current problems that management may not have yet identified or addressed. Be prepared to offer solutions that you think might work to solve a specific problem or situation.

Develop Rapport With Coworkers.

Employers seek individuals who can work well in a team environment and who have particular strengths that will add to the overall accomplishments of the group.

Show Initiative.

Illustrating your interest in developing new knowledge and skills relevant to the position will boost the employers confidence in your willingness and initiative to do a good job. Showing enthusiasm and offering to attend workshops or seminars will increase your understanding of the business and will make a favorable impression on your supervisor.

Ask for Additional Work.

If you do not have enough work to do, be sure to check with your supervisor to see if he/she has any additional work that they can provide you with. If not, check to see if you can assist others in getting their work completed which may also teach you new skills in the process.

Internship report international jobs and internships at ihipo

Internship report

Internship reports are reports which are written (and often presented) upon completion of an internship. The goal of an internship report is to provide an overview of the assignment(s) completed and lessons learned, and to reflect on the intern’s personal observations and experiences of the working environment.

The structure of internship reports vary, depending on the tasks which were assigned to the intern. Reporting on a work experience internship would focus primarily on the experiences and lessons learned from the working environment. However an internship report of a research internship might contain more academic insights such as a literature study, and might be structured more as a thesis.

Generally an internship reports consists of 10-20 pages.

To give examples of how internship reports can be structured, you can view below several sample internship report examples, collected from students who have interned in China, India, Singapore, Dubai and the USA. The following internship reports give an insight into the life on an intern within that company, the roles & responsibilities as an intern, and some information on living in that country in general.

Internship Reports – China

Siemens Real Estate, Beijing

Nadine is a management student from Germany and completed her 4.5 month internship with Siemens Real Estate in Beijing.

…internship duties:

1. Key Cost Driver Analyses,

2. Development of a financial report for real estate specific key ratios

3. Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting

4. HR related work such as Competency Management

…the typical working day:

Education city university qatar education city

To foster educational and engaging campus wide involvement opportunities for Education City university students.

Staff Profiles

Melissa Winter

Melissa A Winter is serving as the Assistant Director of Campus Life for the Student Center, now going into her 3 rd year with the Student Center staff. She previously held the position of Assistant Director of Operations for the Student Center for the first eighteen months during the opening phase of the building. Her move to the Campus Life side is a natural fit with most of Melissa’s 15 years of experience coming from the Campus Life and Student Programs area in Student Affairs and Higher Education in the U.S. She previously held the position as the Coordinator for Leadership Development at Kansas State University where she was charged with managing Leadership and Diversity programs in addition to staff training programs. Melissa has also worked professionally at Watkins College of Art & Design in Nashville, TN Directing and creating a new Student Life Department and opened two new residence halls during her time; and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH where she served as both the Associate Director of Student & Alumni Programs and as the Coordinator of Student Activities. She received her Master’s Degree in Higher Education-Student Personnel Administration from Kent State University and her Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science from Oakland University.

Evan Witt

Evan is a Campus Life Coordinator entering his second year working at the HBKU Student Center. Evan is originally from the United States but absolutely loves living in Doha. In his work he concentrates on offering leadership development opportunities but also advises student organizations, offers trainings, and participates in many programs across different campuses in Education City. Evan went to University in the USA and has a Masters degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Maryland-College Park. Want to get to know him better? Invite him to lunch or coffee and he will pay for it. (Seriously though, just email or call him and you get a free meal). Evan can be reached at or 44540371.

Mohammad Darwish Fakhro

Mohammed joined the team as a Campus Life Officer in January of 2012. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English – Creative Writing from Miami University of Ohio and a diploma in Programmer Analyst (Business) from College of the North Atlantic – Qatar. Mohammed was heavily involved in the Miami community and hopes to bring back some of the rich culture of student organizations and events to benefit HBKU students. In his spare time, he writes short stories and screenplays. Mohammed can be contacted at or 4454 2937.

Majid Al Ali

Hessa is a Campus Life Coordinator in the Student Center and is in her first year of working for Qatar Foundation. She graduated from Georgetown University in Qatar as an International Politics major in 2010. She enjoyed her years in Education City as a university student and is excited to be back and contribute to the building of a rich community in the heart of Education City. In her free time, she enjoys art of all forms and music. Hessa can be contacted at or 4454 0393

Our new staff offices are located on the first floor of the Hamad bin Khalifa University Student Center.

Learn the basics about stocks education center yahoo finance

Learn the Basics about Stocks

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Higher education – incl option to publish open access

Policy of Journal

  • Examines educational developments throughout the world in universities, polytechnics, colleges, and other higher education institutions.
  • Analyses developments in both public and private higher education sectors.
  • Features contributions from leading scholars from different countries who tackle the problems of teachers and researchers as well as students, and of planners as well as administrators.
  • Presents authoritative overview articles, comparative studies and analyses of particular problems or issues.
  • Provides a forum for ongoing discussion between experts.

Recognized as the leading international journal on higher education studies, this publication examines educational developments throughout the world in universities, polytechnics, colleges, and vocational and education institutions. It reports on developments in both public and private higher education sectors.

Higher Education features contributions from leading scholars from different countries who tackle the problems of teachers as well as students, and of planners as well as administrators. It presents authoritative overview articles, comparative studies and analyses of particular problems or issues.

While each higher education system has its own distinctive features, common problems and issues are shared internationally by researchers, teachers and institutional leaders. Higher Education offers opportunities for the exchange of research results, experience and insights, and provides a forum for ongoing discussion between experts.

2014 medical internships in new york ny

2014 Medical Internships in New York, NY

Medical Internships

Find a 2014 medical Internship in New York, NY. Whether your interest lies in pediatrics or geriatrics, physical therapy or psychiatry, a medical internship paves the way for full-time work in your specialization—not to mention a deepened understanding of healthcare as a profession. Interns in the medical field find positions in a variety of work environments. In addition to hospitals, research facilities, and private practice offices, medical interns may also work in government agencies, nonprofits, private corporations, and schools.

Technicial positions also become available for students who want hands-on experience in a clinical lab. Following laboratory procedures, you’ll report tests and examine factors that may affect measurements. Alternatively, students in medicine may write technical marketing materials that describe the safety and efficacy issues surrounding a new product. This will include product information sheets, copy for the website and newsletter, and off-line materials.

British education research association bera

Promoting educational research

We believe that the development of a world-class education system depends on high quality educational research but this is field where policy decisions are often driven by ideology rather than robust evidence.

BERA draws on the findings of the best independent and critical studies to evaluate current polices and practices, to generate fresh thinking and to bring a humanising influence to bear on proposals for reform.

Why Educational Research Matters

Researchers’ resources

BERA produces a range of publications and other materials aimed at supporting the work of all those who are active in the field of educational research.

This includes our four highly regarded peer-reviewed journals, our influential ethical guidelines and charter for research staff, a series of research methods text books for those beginning their research careers, and a range of topic-specific web-only documents.

Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research 2011

University professional continuing education association continuing education review

Continuing Higher Education Review

Published annually by Harvard University, UPCEA's professional journal, the Continuing Higher Education Review (CHER), contains articles of relevance to issues of national and international importance in continuing and higher education.

Annual Subscription

$27 domestic; $35 foreign; fee includes postage and handling. All UPCEA Institutional Representatives receives 2 copies as part of UPCEA dues.

Send subscription orders and manuscript submissions to: Continuing Higher Education Review, Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education, 51 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA 02138; 617/495-2478; Fax: 617/495-2680. Attn: Wayne Ishikawa. Email: .

Fall 2013 Edition

  • Creating Institutional Space for Business Model Innovation
  • The New Postsecondary Landscape
  • Reflections on Issues of the Moment
  • Massive Open Online Courses: Looking Ahead by Looking
  • Distance Education: Access, Quality, Cautions, and Opportunities

Fall 2012 Edition

  • Demographics and Lifelong Learning Institutes in the 21st Century
  • A Systems Approach to the Future of Distance Education in Colleges and Universities: Research, Development, and Implementation
  • Reinventing Continuing Higher Education
  • Online Learning 2.0: Strategies for a Mature Market
  • Emerging Open Online Distance Education Environment
  • Thriving in Partnership: Models for Continuing Education

Fall 2011 Edition

  • For-Profits on the Move.
  • The Tethered Self: Technology Reinvents Intimacy and Solitude (PDF)
  • Liberal Education and Lifelong Learning:A Value Proposition
  • Activity-Based Budgeting in Higher Education
  • Innovation and Impact:Shaping Our Value through Trend Analysis
  • See full table of contents (PDF)