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Employment Opportunities at RLAC

Since 1991 RLAC has provided Phonics First ® Professional Development training and tutoring throughout Metro-Detroit. Our systematic, sequential, structured approach to teaching reading is both motivating and successful.

RLAC contracts with over sixty independent contractors, each specially trained in our Phonics First ® curriculum. Our tutors are required to take PF210, a 30-hour intensive Orton-Gillingham training. Before potential tutors even start tutoring, they must take a written final exam, present a final lesson, and observe five lessons with experienced RLAC tutors and students. Our training and support far exceeds other educational facilities and is an important part of our certification requirements.

RLAC is accepting applications for the following positions:

To be considered for any of the above positions, please apply today and start making a difference with a proven approach!

Tutoring Positions

RLAC tutors must be positive, enthusiastic, dedicated individuals who are compassionate educators willing to make a difference in our students’ lives. Tutors are required to be available for a minimum of eight sessions per week during RLAC peak tutoring hours.

In-center tutoring is private one-to-one tutoring after school, evenings, and weekends. In addition to specialized reading instruction RLAC also offers tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Written Expression
  • Comprehension
  • SAT/ACT Preparation
  • Foreign Language
  • Speech & Language

On-site group tutoring opportunities are also available during school hours and after school hours.

Reading Tutor

Our specialized reading tutors are required to take PF210, a 30-hour intensive Orton-Gillingham training. Before potential tutors even start tutoring, they must take a written final exam, present a final lesson, and observe five lessons with experienced RLAC tutors and students. Our training and support far exceeds other educational facilities. Phonics First ® tutors are encouraged to become certified through ongoing Phonics First ® training and professional development.

Phonics First ® Tutors Must:

  • Complete all training requirements
  • Instruct RLAC students using our Phonics First ® reading curriculum
  • Provide consistent lesson feedback to parents at the conclusion of each lesson
  • Submit written RLAC progress reports and/or exit reports as requested
  • Keep accurate records of each client’s progress

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (preferred in Education)
  • Teaching and/or tutoring experience
  • Late afternoon, evening, Saturday availability
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to comply with paperwork requirements

RLAC tutors must be willing to sign an independent contractor agreement as terms of their employment and be subject to a criminal background check.

Trainer Positions

Deliver Phonics First ® professional development trainings to teachers, administrators, and parents across the country. RLAC trainers are highly motivated and passionate educators who have a strong desire to teach this exciting method for teaching reading.

Trainer Requirements:

  • Must complete PF210 as a participant and again as an observer and assistant instructor
  • Must complete self study of articles and information relating to reading instruction
  • Must be willing to travel nationally up to 2-3 weeks per month
  • Must have motivating instructional delivery

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Education or related field
  • Teaching experience
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Knowledge in reading development
  • Ability to deliver specified curriculum

RLAC trainers must be willing to sign an independent contractor agreement as terms of their employment.

Education Consultant Positions

Education Consultants assess school district’s literacy needs and provide the best solution between our many products and services to help clients reach their goals. Consultants must participate in education-based conferences to increase awareness of RLAC’s product offerings. Consultants are encouraged to prospect new client relationships while building upon existing relationships. It is the consultant’s responsibility to submerge him or herself in the education industry and have knowledge of school’s state funding. This person must be detail orientated with the ability to manage multiple projects. Consultants must make frequent cold calls via phone and in person. Some travel required, 40-55 hour work week.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Two to three years outside sales experience
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to plan and implement sales strategies
  • Work in a team environment
  • Self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Reliable
  • Flexible

Apply to RLAC

Thank you for your interest in joining RLAC’s team of dedicated professionals. Please follow the instructions below for submitting your application.

  1. Download and fill out this application:

To download, right-click the above link and select "Save Target As. "

  • Send application along with resume and cover letter to resumes@rlac.com or

    fax (248) 645-2335

  • Submission of this application and your resume does not secure an interview or employment. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview when there is an open position.


    The CU Science Education Initiative is…

    a university-supported, 5-year, $5M project to improve how we teach science to all undergraduate students, slated to complete in 2013.

    The SEI focuses on:

    1) supporting faculty to approach the teaching of science as a science, that is to:

    Identify difficulties in and develop an understanding of student learning by using or developing research-based tools/techniques to monitor student learning.

    Use instructional approaches guided by research on learning and measures of student learning.

    Develop and utilize beneficial educational technology.

    Archive and disseminate proven methods and materials.

    News and updates:

    New Course Transformation Guide

    We have compiled a downloadable Course Transformation Guide ; a booklet aimed to help instructors use research-based principles in their instruction. Includes information about teaching and learning, and recommendations regarding instructional practice.

    Article about Carl Wieman’s education efforts

    Our past director Carl Wieman was featured in an article in The Chronical of Higher Education, June 17 2013: Crusader for Science Teaching Finds Colleges Slow to Change .

    SEI featured in Science

    The SEI and our past director Carl Wieman were featured in an article in Science Magazine, April 19 2013: Transformation is Possible if a University Really Cares .

    clickers website & videos

    We have a resource website devoted to clickers. including clicker questions, videos of expert teachers, and workshop materials.

    Learning About Teaching Physics

    The SEI has helped to support a short audio podcast on education research that relates to the physics and science classroom! Read more.. .

    PhET wins 2011 Tech award

    25 best movies about education ever made blog bou

    25 Best Movies About Education Ever Made

    Posted on: March 6, 2011 By: Sarah Bass

    When it comes to education. it seems as though there are always interesting issues to discuss. Issues of inequality, teacher pay, and other hot button subjects are always being tackled. This happens in real life, of course, but it also happens in the movies. In some cases, a movie can make what goes on in real life more poignant. This is especially true if you are dealing with a documentary.

    If you are interested in movies about education. you can learn a lot from the messages you find in movies. Here are 25 of the best movies about education ever made, including movies made for entertainment, and documentaries:

    Hollywood Films – Entertainment

    These Hollywood films about education can entertain, as well as uplift and educate. In some cases, the films are based on true stories, while in others the stories are wholly fictional. In any case, you will find that there are plenty of things to think about in terms of education — or at least remember about your own school experience.

    1. Dead Poets Society. This classic film about a teacher who encourages his students at a boarding school to break out of the status quo has inspired English students (and others) for years.
    2. Stand and Deliver. Another in the annals of classic education films, Stand and Deliver is based on the story of Jaime Escalante, the math teacher helping kids in East Los Angeles.
    3. To Sir With Love. In 1967, this movie was groundbreaking, sharing the story of a black man with training as an engineer who teaches white students in London.
    4. The Breakfast Club. These kids in Saturday detention are all defined by stereotypes. However, by getting to know each other, they are able to move beyond their own cliques and get to know each other. It’s an interesting look at the interplay between students in the education system.
    5. The Paper Chase. Fast-forward to college in this film from 1973. A first year law student tries to impress his professor so that he can date the professor’s daughter. Provides insights into the difficulties associated with teaching.
    6. Good Will Hunting. Will Hunting is a genius, but he doesn’t care to spend time in school. Instead, he hangs out with his friends and works as a janitor at MIT. However, he is discovered when he solves a difficult math problem. He eventually studies mathematics, while seeing a therapist in an attempt to get beyond some of his issues.
    7. Goodbye Mr. Chips. Here’s an oldie, but goodie. This educator in the 1969 musical falls for a showgirl. The two get married, and they struggle to overcome obstacles as Mr. Chips job as a staid teacher in a boys school doesn’t seem like the ideal fit for a showgirl.
    8. Precious. This movie, based on a book, is about an obese and illiterate girl living in Harlem. Her family is dysfunctional, and Precious has been abused physically, mentally and sexually. However, she is inspired by a teacher in an alternative high school, and fights to improve her life — and the lives of her children.
    9. Music of the Heart. Meryl Streep stars in this movie about the inspirational violin teacher, Roberta Guaspari, who encouraged children in New York City’s public school system. This uplifting story lets us see kids from East Harlem playing at Carnegie Hall.
    10. Dangerous Minds. Based on the story of LouAnne Johnson, a former U.S. Marine, Dangerous Minds tells the story of a teacher trying to encourage teens from East Palo Alto, California, to take school seriously. This movie features unorthodox teaching methods, and changes to the curriculum designed to help the teacher connect with students.
    11. Freedom Writers. A group of at-risk high school students is inspired to live their dreams beyond high school — while learning the value of heard work and tolerance along the way.
    12. Educating Rita. This working class girl inspires her jaded professor to re-connect with his passion for teaching, while exploring issues of class in society.
    13. School of Rock. A supremely entertaining movie about a washed up wanna-be rocker (Jack Black) who poses as a substitute teacher at a prep school. When finds that they are talented, he helps them learn about rock — and following their dreams.


    The state of education in America is a subject of much debate. Documentaries made about education can be a great source of information. Watch these movies about education to learn more about different sides of the debate — and make up your mind.

    1. Waiting for Superman. A look at the journey of promising students through a school system that limits their academic growth potential. A review of public education.
    2. Teached. This education documentary by a Teach for America alum who looks at inequality in education for urban, minority youths.
    3. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Ben Stein’s look at Intelligent Design, and the lack of academic freedom to teach the concept in the classroom.
    4. To Be and To Have. An interesting documentary chronicling the education had in a one-room school in rural France. One teacher and students ages four to 11.
    5. We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For. A look at education on global scale, and during a time of shifting paradigms. This British documentary challenges you to come up with solutions for public education today.
    6. Mad Hot Ballroom. Is competition in schools too intense when it comes to extracurriculars? Follow these middle school students in New York City as they compete in a ballroom dance competition.
    7. Spellbound. Enter the world of spelling bees, competition, and pushing children to excel. But is the cost too high?
    8. Race to Nowhere. This documentary looks at the impact of too much homework and emphasis on standardized tests. Can education really be one size fits all?
    9. Ten9Eight. This documentary looks at inner city teens across the country, from Harlem to Compton. These teens are shooting for the stars as they enter a business plan competition.
    10. 2 Million Minutes. This series of documentary films looks at global schools, and addresses education systems around the world.
    11. Please Vote for Me. An interesting documentary opening your eyes to what kids in China are taught about democracy. An exploration of democracy, our changing world, and education.
    12. Us and Our Education. This documentary explores learning disabilities and how they affect school and work.

    It careers and it jobs in canada

    Featured Jobs!


    IT Careers Canada Job board allows you to post your job openings. The job board list daily opportunities that are read by a large number of information technology specialists.

    Why to choose IT Careers Canada?

    Just fill out the online form and your job will be posted within two business days.

    Job Seekers

    Many Information Technology companies promise their employees career mobility and opportunities within, to grow professionally and remain employable. Regardless of how much a company support it’s employees professional development, IT employees need to realize it is their career and ultimately their responsibility.

    1st internet of education 2013 moocs higher edu policies computer human interaction machine learning user analytics automatic assessment visualization

    The role of Computer Science in the Internet of Education

    Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 11-12, 2013

    We are pleased to announce that this year’s Internet of Education conference will  take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia and will be organized by Knowledge 4 All Foundation Ltd (K4A) and the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the “Jozef Stefan” Institute, covering countries in South-East Europe (SEE). We plan to hold such events in different regions in subsequent years in order to provide a catalyst for thinking about these issues and promoting local collaborations in this context.

    The goal of this event is to bring together researchers and policy makers from both university and academia to research into methods for improving the effectiveness of video based MOOC education but also promote discussion of the implications of MOOCs and new edutech trends for classical university education, especially in the South-East European region. We are keen to promote discussion and research into what new technology can contribute to effective online learning.

    We would like to promote, clarify, identify and define how emerging technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and computer human interaction (CHI) tools, machine learning, machine translation, user analytics, automatic assessment, visualization, social collaboration and more can change and help create new trends in education.

    More specifically how will these technologies change and influence today’s traditions in Academic publishing, syllabus, validation and certification. Our aim is to form a technical and investigative think-tank of participants to debate and discuss these issues which in the future will affect all educational levels. The theme and goals of the Internet of Education 2013 are very well articulated with UNESCO’s vision and actions therefore the conference has been granted UNESCO patronage .

    Knowledge 4 All Foundation Ltd (K4A) and the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the “Jozef Stefan” Institute are also the organizers of OCWC 2014 with its main theme “Open Education for a Multicultural World”.

    University, Companies & policy making

    15 exceptional education sites webdesigner depot

    15 exceptional education sites

    One of the things about advancements online is the ability for us to learn. We’re able to not only be easily connected to our colleges and universities, but we have the ability to get our degrees, diplomas and certificates online. It’s convenient and also helps those who have been desiring education to get it.

    There are so many options where we are talking about learning online. You can learn via speciality sites like Team Treehouse or Lynda or through open learning platforms such as Open University. Today, we’re going to focus on tertiary education and the universities and colleges that are using good design in their online presence.

    Boston University

    We start with Boston University’s website, which seems to be pretty traditional, but the more you poke your nose around, the more you realize they have done a great job at incorporating some of the modern web design standards. It’s a really, super clean approach to an education website, that still keeps it’s roots in what makes a traditional university site.


    I saw this web design and almost lost my mind. This is a completely different approach to web design in general, but it absolutely works. There are so many small elements that you could easily look over, but would be missed if they weren’t there. This design exceptional and should be used for inspiration in all web design. I think they know what they’re doing up in Canada.

    UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

    Sometimes we use different design techniques because they’re trendy and other times we use them because they just make sense. In this case, everything on the UCLA AUD website makes sense. They have a grid-based system, which not only helps organize their work, but also kind of alludes to building stuff–like architects do! The use of color also helps organize things. Overall, you can just tell there was a lot of thinking and planning that went into this website for people who have to think and plan.

    Rochester Institute of Technology – Visual Communication Design

    Williams College

    According to Forbes, Williams College is the #2 College or University in the nation, right behind Princeton. Why is that important? Take a look at Princeton’s website, then take a look at Williams College’s. There’s a great difference in the role of design on these sites. Williams College actually seems like it might be fun to attend, and not your typical, boring private school. Kudos to them for stepping out the box a little!

    Institute of Design at Stanford

    Montreal exchange options education days

    Options Education Days

    The Montreal Exchange, together with The Options Industry Council (OIC), offers Options Education Days, full-day trainings designed to provide retail investors with the knowledge needed to successfully navigate the options market.

    Options Education Days offer two different packages that are tailored to an individual’s level of investment knowledge. One is geared towards beginners and provides attendees with an introduction to options trading, terminology, essential concepts and an overview of basic options strategies. The other package is tailored for investors with greater investment knowledge, and covers topics including advanced options strategies and concepts, such as the Greeks and volatility.

    The workshops are designed for retail investors who possess knowledge and trading experience in equity markets. Options Education Days are also useful for investment advisors who are interested in learning new strategies to assist their clients, and can be especially helpful within a competitive market.

    Teen vogue fashion university intern queen

    What To Do The Last Few Weeks of Your Internship

    Written by Lauren Berger


    I’m happy to announce my new position as a regular blogger for teenvoguefashionu.com. I’m already so lucky to be able to connect with a portion of TEEN VOGUE’s community and now hopefully this blog will serve as a platform to connect with those of you who I have not met before.

    To give you some quick background, I’m called “The Intern Queen”www.internqueen.com. The site is a FREE internship listings and advice site for college and high school students—like yourselves! The Intern Queen family consists of over 130 Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors and my lovely team of virtual interns from colleges all over the world! Feel free to check out the site, apply for listings, read our blog, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. I will be blogging every few weeks for teenvoguefashionu.com and we will also have some of our ambassadors blogging. I’m looking forward to a great experience!

    Now, many of you will be wrapping up your internships over the next few weeks. You should be so proud that you made it this far on your internship journey—it’s not easy (trust me, I know!). These last few weeks are crucial at your internship as you don’t want to drop the ball on anything. Here are five tips on how to make sure the final days of your internship are a smooth ride. Good luck and please comment, leave questions, and stay in touch!

    • Meet with Yourself. This might sound silly, but take a few moments before bed one night to really think. “Am I making the most of this experience?” Is there anything else at the office you would LOVE to do? Think about what those tasks are and if you still have a few weeks left, ask your internship coordinator if you can set a meeting to discuss.
  • Be an intern connecting machine! Have you connected with each intern on Facebook? Is there a Facebook group of your fellow interns? Have you Facebook-ed all of the other interns you’ve met this summer? If not, let’s get it started. You don’t want to start doing this once the internship is already over.
  • Set a Farewell Dinner or Event. Be the intern that steps up to the plate and plans a “fare-well” event for everyone at your internship. Depending on the size of your company, this could be something for all interns at the company or just the interns in your department. This is a great time for last minute bonding and talking about everyone’s plans for the following summer.
  • Schedule an informational meeting with your boss or internship coordinator. Use your best judgment to determine who you should set a coffee or short meeting with. It should be the person you deal with every day (internship coordinator) unless you have an outstanding relationship with your boss. Ask them (ahead of time) if they can spare 10 minutes or so for a quick coffee or meeting. Tell them you’d love to have a wrap up meeting and get advice and hear a little more on how they got started.
  • Tell People What You Want. If you are graduating and need a job, do not leave your internship without letting your immediate boss know that. People aren’t mind readers. Set a meeting with your internship coordinator or boss (as I mentioned above) and let them know (very non-aggressively) that you are looking for an entry-level job and you really enjoyed your internship experience. Ask them if there is any way to get yourself in the running for future openings at the company. If you are headed back to school for another year or two, tell the internship coordinator how much you enjoyed your experience and ask them what the best way to stay in touch with them is.

  • Adea about us

    About us

    Our history

    The Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) was formed in 1981 and is the leading Australian organisation for health care professionals providing diabetes education and care. The ADEA introduced the certification trademark of the Credentialled Diabetes Educator® (CDE) in 1986. At this time, it also implemented a professional recognition and development program to support diabetes educators working towards achieving and maintaining status as a CDE.

    Our business

    The ADEA actively promotes evidenced-based best practice diabetes education to ensure optimal health and well being for all people affected by, and at risk of, diabetes. The ADEA considers diabetes education a specialty field of health care practice.

    The ADEA accredits post graduate courses in diabetes education and management across Australia. It sets standards and develops guidelines for the practice of diabetes education. It supports diabetes educators’ delivery of quality diabetes education by offering and encouraging participation in its Credentialling and Re-Credentialling Program, a voluntary professional development and recognition program for full members. The ADEA offers professional development events and activities and accredits those developed by other organisations.

    The ADEA has through the National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC), a joint initiative between the ADEA and the Australian Diabetes Society, developed training packages in diabetes management and care particularly targeted to the needs of nurses and other health care professionals working in other specialty fields of practice or in a generalist health care setting. The ADEA also develops and provides other resources and learning opportunities in diabetes management and care for non-members.

    Buy a franchise kip mcgrath education centres united kingdom and republic of ireland

    The Business Opportunities

    Kip McGrath offers a number of exciting business opportunities:

    • Master Franchisees are instrumental in moving Kip McGrath Education Centres (KMEC) into new countries and new markets.
    • Area Developers are responsible for the further development of Kip McGrath Education Centres within their specified region.
    • Franchisees or Centre owners improve the educational opportunities for students in their area using proven educational programmes.

    This is a unique opportunity to become part of a growing and rewarding industry. Are you the type of person who would be suitable to share in our success?

    If you would like to discuss this opportunity further please contact one of our Regional Sales Representative on 01452 382 282 or email


    Finance available subject to status.