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Launched in 2007, is the 4th largest parenting website with more than four million unique visitors each month.

The company generates revenue primarily through display advertising.

The site offers a broad range of content to parents and educators including:

Articles: hosts tens of thousands of articles written by the company's in-house editorial staff and acquired from universities, publishers, non-profits, research organizations, teachers, psychologists, and physicians.

Activities: offers thousands of hands-on and curriculum based activities, worksheets, games, and coloring pages a€“ all sorted by grade level and topic.

Community: Using JustAsk, members have the ability to share advice with Education.coma€™s community of thousands of parents and the company's panel of experts.

Schoolfinder: A resource empowering parents to obtain qualitative and quantitative information on more than 200,000 schools (preschools, K-12 public, private & charter schools, and colleges).

Video: produces and acquires high quality, engaging videos on a wide range of topics of interest to parents from back-to-school tips to holiday activity how-tos.

Mobile: offers a free iPhone App ("Fun Finder") through the iTunes store.

Early childhood education degree early childhood education frcc

Early Childhood Education Degrees

A.A. in Early Childhood Education   

A.A.S. in Early Childhood Education 

An A.A.S. degree in early childhood education is non-transferable and prepares students for careers working with young children from birth through age eight. This program meets all Colorado Department of Human Services licensing requirements.

Early Childhood Teacher

18 credits

(2 semesters)

Infant-Toddler Nursery Supervisor

Foundations of Paraeducators

Early Childhood Education for Paraeducators

Transfer Options

Your A.A. degree in early childhood education will transfer to the following four-year schools:

  • Adams State University (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Colorado Mesa University (Early Childhood Education)
  • Colorado State University (Human Development)
  • Fort Lewis College (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver (Human Development)
  • University of Colorado Denver (Education & Human Development)
  • University of Northern Colorado (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Hands-on Experience with Children

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Many of these gang leaders are highly intelligent and, though self-educated. extremely well read.

If you were a white and college educated in the oil business, you probably had a fabulous year.

They would be the ones to invest the big money into a propaganda campaign to convince less educated people that it was a hoax.

But it can make an educated guess using census data, other surveys, and population registers.

The buildup of this free time among the world’s educated population-maybe a trillion hours per year-is a new resource.

They are better educated than the population as a whole.

We used to think of these people as more educated or more connected than the average computer user.

The more stories you share with the world, the more people will be educated and fully understand this incredible creature.

Low skilled, poorly educated workers are the people for whom this recession has been catastrophic.

Maybe a color that is bold and creative, but also educated. witty and ironic.

Grants for women going back to school

Grants for Women Going Back to School

Any woman who is determined to go back to school and needs financial aid to do so can find funding to help with her education. There are a number of grants, scholarships and loans available to women today. Though many are small in amount it’s possible to get more than one grant or scholarship for the woman who puts the effort into finding grants and scholarships and the work into applying for them.

How do women find grants and scholarships?

There are many paths to finding the money to attend post-secondary school.

Before following those paths, first apply for a Federal Pell Grant. which will be granted for any degree program as well as for certain vocational courses such as nursing. Pell grants are given to any prospective or ongoing student who has the financial need and meets the program requirements. Approximately 5,400 institutes of higher learning have been approved for Pell Grant funding.

The amount awarded depends on financial need, the tuition costs of the school chosen, status as a full-time or part-time student, and how long the student plans to attend school. Pell grants are by far the easiest to obtain since they’re issued by the Federal Government and based solely on need as long as other basic requirements are met. Students can apply for Pell Grants online which ensures the fastest response time to an application.

The two things most important in applying for Pell Grants is to pay attention to the filing deadline for the school’s semester or term and to fill out the application completely.

The reason students should apply for Pell Grants first is because the Pell Grant application process uses the FAFSA system, which also is the application process for many other Federal programs for educational funding, whether they are needs based programs or merit based programs. Applying for Pell Grants gets student information into the system.

Students with exceptional financial need should also apply for the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) program which is also administered through the FAFSA system. There are many other grant and scholarship programs tied together through FAFSA.

Students should also apply at the State level for any grant money available through State programs.

Union Members

If one or both parents are union members there are often grant or scholarship funds available to student children or spouses of union members. Check with the specific union’s local branch to see what programs are available.

Military Families and Veterans

Military families that have financial aid needs should check the Department of Defense website which links to many of the organizations which offer financial aid to students from military families. Student children and student spouses of members of the Armed Services may also qualify for Fisher House Foundation Education Scholarships for Military family members .

Veterans have educational benefits available through the GI Bill Some veterans may be eligible to transfer GI Bill benefits to a spouse or dependent children so any student with a parent who is a veteran should check eligibility for this type of transfer if their parent doesn’t plan to use their GI Bill benefits.

General Information

When researching programs it is always wise for the student to work with a financial aid counselor at the student’s chosen school since there are often programs available specifically for students of that school that have been set up by the alumni associations or individual alumni.

Often there are local companies and corporations that offer grant money through the local colleges for programs in which they have employment needs. These school specific grants and scholarships are often easier to obtain since there is less competition for them than for the state or national programs.

Other paths to educational funding depend on the type of program the student wishes to pursue, the age of the student, the student’s racial profile, whether the student is a single mother or divorced, and a host of other factors.

Grants and Scholarships Specifically for Women

  • The American Association of University Women offers scholarships through their state and local branch offices. Amounts and criteria vary by region. They also offer a portal to many other grant and scholarship resources from both non-profit and corporate sources as well as links to demographic-specific scholarship resource lists.
  • The Philanthropic Educational Organization offers both needs based and merit based scholarships, grants and loans to women. Some are for who wish to continue their interrupted education, others are for women who are just finishing high school. Programs are administered through local chapters, and the amounts and criteria vary by region and by program.
  • The Talbot Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to women in the US or Canada who are returning to school to complete at least two semesters for an undergraduate degree. Talbot’s Charitable Foundation also awards smaller scholarships in communities in which Talbots maintains a corporate presence. These are given out through the applicable local high schools.
  • The Emerge Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to women who have had their education interrupted or who have overcome obstacles and wish to return to finish school. These are merit based awards given to women who have given back to their communities.
  • The AARP Foundation offers scholarships to women age 50 or older who are pursuing either a technical or vocational education, an associates degree or their first bachelor’s degree. Priority is given to women who have faced challenges such as raising the children of another family member, working in a low paying job with no significant benefits, or who have been out of work for five years or more. Needs and merit are both considered in awarding these scholarships.
  • The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to low income women aged 35 and older who are pursuing a degree or vocational training.

Vocation Specific Grants and Scholarships

Any prospective student who wishes to enroll in a nursing program should first check with the local hospitals to see if there are any educational funding opportunities and which school’s nursing programs they will fund.

Often in areas where there is a nursing shortage the local hospitals will offer grant or scholarship funds in exchange for a commitment from the student to work for that hospital for a set number of years after graduating from the nursing program and obtaining certification. In some cases the funding will equal as much as 100% of the nursing program’s tuition.

Students who expect no family contribution to their nursing program education, and who exhibit sufficient financial need may qualify for the nursing scholarship program administered by the US Health Resources and Services Administration.

Upon graduation and certification, nurses will be expected to work for two years at certain health facilities where there is a nursing shortage. Nurses will be able to negotiate their own salary and benefits package when arranging to fulfill their service requirement.

African American students who wish to enroll in a nursing program can apply for one of many scholarship programs available through the National Black Nurses Association .

African American students from the Kansas City area can apply for the General Hospital #2 Nurses Alumnae Scholarship Program if they’re attending school in the greater Kansas City area.

Most states also have grants and scholarships available to those who wish to be a nurse.

Health Services Fields

For those who wish to pursue careers as physicians, dentists, family nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, or physician’s assistants, the National Health Service Corps Scholarship pays tuition, required fees and some other educational costs for up to four years tax free and also supplies a small taxable monthly living stipend. There is a service commitment upon completion of the program of one year’s service in a job in an area which is experiencing a shortage of health professionals for each year of support.

Service jobs may include working at any Federally supported health center, which may include Indian Health Service clinics, managed care networks, prisons, rural health clinics, public health department clinics and other Federal health sites. Scholars negotiate their own salary, but NHSC regulations require that they be paid equivalent to a Federal civil service employee in a similar position.

The Health Resources and Services Administration administers Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students who wish to work in the health professons or nursing, which is a needs based scholarship.

Public Service Fields

Students who wish to enter public service can apply for the Harry S. Truman Foundation Scholarship. a merit based scholarship which has a 3-7 year service requirement upon completion of school. Because scholarship awards are generous this program is highly competitive.

The Accounting Field

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting offers a number of scholarships for women who wish to pursue Accounting degrees. Some are needs based and some are merit based.

Science and/or Math

The National SMART Grant is a Federal Grant available for the third and fourth year of undergraduate study to students in an undergrad degree program in life sciences, physical sciences, computer sciences, technology, math, specific foreign languages, or engineering who have been maintaining a 3.0 or better GPA in a 4.0 scale as of the end of their second undergrad year. Students must also be Pell Grant eligible during the same award year.

The Brookhaven Women in Science of Brookhaven National Laboratory sponsor the Renate W. Chasman Scholarship. which is a merit based scholarship for women returning to school to complete a degree in engineering, the natural sciences or in mathematics. Applicants must be residents of Long Island, NY.

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship is a merit scholarship for women returning to school to pursue a career in technology. Google also offers other tech field scholarships for Hispanics, in partnership with Lime for students with disabilities, for Native Americans, and in partnership with the United Negro College Fund.


For those wishing to enter the field of primary or secondary school teaching the TEACH Grant Program is a Federal Grant administered through the FAFSA application process. It’s intended for future teachers who intend to teach in a school that serves low income families. There is a service requirement upon teacher certification requiring the recipient to accept employment as a teacher in a high need field and region.

There are specific shortage areas that are covered such as bilingual education, foreign language, math, reading specialist, science, and special education. There may also be other regional teacher shortage subject areas at the time of application.

Most states also have grants and scholarships available to those who wish to teach.

The Children’s Music Workshop maintains a very comprehensive list of places to apply for music grants and scholarships .

Grants for Specific Demographics

Along with women-specific funding, there are also many programs for other specific demographic groups to which the student may also belong. Here are a few of note:

Additions to Grants and Scholarships

If, for some reason, a student comes up short on grant funding, then there are Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans, and Federal Direct Consolidation Loans. There is also a Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. which was designed to encourage graduates to enter public service jobs.

There are strict guidelines for this program, but it may be a good option for getting out from under a student loan burden while working at a paying job helping others and gaining valuable on the job experience.

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Educate yourself org the freedom of knowledge the power of thought is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Free Energy, Earth Changes, and the growing reality of Big Brother are also explored since survival itself in the very near future may well depend on self acquired skills to face the growing threats of bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and the continuing abridgement of constitutional liberties. It is strongly recommended that visitors to this web site print out hard copies of the information that is of interest. Do not assume that your hard drive, this web site, or even the Internet itself will always be there to serve you. Ken Adachi, Editor click Scroogle scraper, type in “” + (the words you want to search)

Want to Contact the Editor? ( Read this first )

If you are a first time visitor to this website, this home page will give you a brief summary of many of the major topics covered. I’ve placed the subjects of Chemtrail Dispersion, orgone generators, and Sylphs at the very top of the short overviews seen below because of their singular importance. If you are already familiar with this website, then go straight to Current News for newly posted information You will find links for the major subsections of this web site posted at the top of each page for easy access. Ken Adachi

9-11, The Greatest Act of Treason in American History

Loose Change, 2nd Edition

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Chemtrail Dispersion, Transmutation, & Elimination. An Important Development. **Please Read **Update, Nov. 2004

In January of 2002, I posted an article to this web site titled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies which described a simple, homemade invention called a Chembuster. This new invention, inspired by Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster. demonstrated that it was possible to disperse and break up chemtrails. allowing for a return of normal blueness to the sky, an invigoration of the air with a clean, fresh smell and the production of rain in those areas where drought is being artificially created by HAARP and other secret weather controlling technologies. The Chembuster incorporates three common elements that, when mixed together, produce an orgone generator. a device which transmutes the negative polarity of atmospheric orgone energy into the positive polarity of that energy. The negative polarity of orgone, coined "DOR" by Wilhelm Reich, is the "glue" which holds chemtrails together. Reversing the polarity of the atmospheric orgone envelope causes the chemtrails to break up and disperse. Over the next two years, as more Chembusters were being constructed and set up by readers who became aware of this phenomenon, the concentration of atmospheric DOR sufficiently reduced in those areas to allow an influx of Giant Sylphs into the ‘chembusted’ atmospere. Sylphs are intelligent air elementals which can literally overlay and transmute chemtrails into real clouds. I realize that it’s hard to believe that ordinary people can destroy chemtrails in the manner described, but we have the photos and testimonials to confirm the claim. No one has to continue to tolerate chemtrail ‘bombardments’ any longer. You can clear your sky of chemtrails! Read the links and view the photos to understand more about Sylphs and chemtrails .

A smaller orgone generating device which utilizes similar construction materials, was coined an HHG, but I find that a Pyramid or Dome shaped five crystal orgone generator more descriptive. The Pyramid or dome shaped Orgone Generator seems to help mitigate energies intended for Mind Control and other nefarious purposes that are being radiated from underground facilities (Montauk), HAARP, microwave GWEN towers and affiliated ELF microwave antennaes (commonly called ‘cell phone’ towers) which have sprung up like daisies all over this country beginning in 2001.Orgone generators can also ‘neutralize’ underground military bases, masonic lodges, places of satanic ritual activity, etc.

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I’ve have started a chat forum at Yahoo Groups. I get dozens of E mails every day from people who often have helpful and inspiring information to contribute, but I don’t have enough time to repost these interesting anecdotes on this web site. The Discussion Forum is the place to exchange information and express your ideas or comments, but without any attempt to sell a product or promote a personal agenda. Let us assist each other in a spirit of friendly cooperation and mutual benefit. Many thanks, Ken

We want you to enjoy a long and full life in good health, without the concern for medical insurance or dependence on the orthodox “health care” system. You can learn to empower yourself and take full control of your health destiny through self education.

The FDA attempted to stiffle sales of colloidal silver from health food stores and web sites in the Fall of 2000. Read our Nov 12, 2000 Newsletter. ). Sufficient resistance was generated by commercial interests to cause them to back down soemwhat, but new restrictions were imposed on what could be said regarding the uses and benefits of colloidal silver. You’ll notice that the CS sold in health stores today will only state the contents of the bottle and not much more.

Jan 17, 2001

Few people are aware that silver has been used since ancient times to fight infections and eliminate disease conditions. It possesses unique germicidal properties that can interfere with the mechanisms of ALL bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds while pharmaceutical antibiotics can typically only affect 5 or 6 species. It is a natural antibiotic that disease organisms cannever develop a resistance to. You don’t need a prescription ( so far ) and you can make it yourself using your own generator .

The evidence is overwhelming that in the near future outbreaks ofhighly virulent bioengineered diseases will occur in the populated areas of America, which few people will possess the natural immunity to resist. Colloidal silver is one way to give yourself a fighting chance to avoid becoming a statistic. You can obtain your own Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator for only $110 and make all the colloidal silver you wish for the cost of distilled water .

The secret government has been spraying the skies throughout North America since late 1997 on an almost daily basis with substances that were first identified as “mystery contrails”, but later were dubbed “chemtrails” by investigative reporter and author William Thomas. When questioned, military and government officials either deny any knowledge of these sprayings outright or they offer unbelievable and ludicrous explanations that only a moron could believe. These sprayings are making many people sick and are the first phase of a bio-warfare operation designed to effect wide scale population reduction. Find out what’s going on.

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    The Educational Consulting Firm Specializing in

    Post-Secondary Foreign Education Evaluation Services and Planning

  • Pay by Credit Card

    &nbsp &nbsp CLIENTS can expect reasonable prices and excellent response time when working with us. To perform an evaluation, just send us a clear photo-copy of all transcripts and diplomas (including secondary schools), accompanied by certified translations to English.

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  • Aec373 wc054 effective use of field trips in educational programming a three stage approach

    Effective Use of Field Trips in Educational Programming: A Three Stage Approach 1

    Brian Myers and Linda Jones 2

    The use of educational field trips has long been a major part of the education programming for both youth and adults. However, due to funding limitations, time constraints, and increased liability concerns many education professionals balk at requests for field trips. In spite of these concerns, well-planned field trips can be a valuable tool in the extension agents educational toolbox.

    An educational field trip can be an integral part of the instructional program. Good field trips provide participants with first hand experience related to the topic or concept being discussed in the program. They provide unique opportunities for learning that are not available within the four walls of a classroom. An example of this would be a turf grass management program visiting a golf course. A trip such as this would allow participants to see first-hand the many principles of plant growth and management, pest control, and watering techniques discussed in the program.

    As with any type of educational program component, field trips should be designed around specific educational objectives. A field trip should be designed so participants can easily make connections between the focus of the field trip and the concepts they are learning in the rest of the educational program. Numerous research studies in science education have documented significant increases in participant factual knowledge and conceptual understanding after participation in well-planned field trips. When planning and organizing a successful field trip, three important stages should be included: pre-trip, trip, and post-trip (see Figure 1 ).

    Pre-Trip Stage

    The pre-trip stage of a field trip involves two major components: administration and instruction. The administration component involves all of the steps taken by the field trip organizer to arrange the logistics of the field trip. Steps include securing permission from appropriate administration, organizing transportation to and from the field trip location, contacting the field trip location to verify the schedule and activities, and obtaining signed permission slips from parents/guardians of youth attending the field trip. Unfortunately, many field trip organizers only focus on administrative concerns during the pre-trip stage of field trip planning. Although the activities of the administration component are important, if organizers only focus on logistics, a major segment of the pre-trip stage is missing and field trips may not be educationally successful.

    Field Trip Planning Model.

    [Click thumbnail to enlarge.]

    The instruction component of the pre-trip stage is critical in preparing participants for the experience. Numerous research studies have shown that participants, especially youth, often have high levels of anxiety when going on a field trip. Anxiety levels can be especially high for field trips to novel, unfamiliar settings. Often a field trip is the first experience a person has with a particular location. When individuals experience high levels of anxiety, learning cannot take place. To reduce anxiety, field trip organizers need to make participants feel comfortable and safe at the location of the field trip just as they would in a typical classroom.

    One method of accomplishing this goal is to provide participants with vicarious exposure to the field trip site as part of pre-trip instruction. Vicarious exposure could involve the field trip organizer showing participants photographs, drawings, or a videotape of the site to be visited. This can occur at a meeting prior to the field trip or materials may be sent to participants prior to the event. Another option would be to post important field trip information on the Internet so that participants can visit a website prior to the experience. Items such as the location of restrooms and basic features of the site should be identified. If participants will be at the field trip site during a meal time, such arrangements should also be discussed. Studies in science education have shown time and again that providing participants with vicarious exposure prior to a field trip significantly reduces individual anxiety and increases overall trip effectiveness.

    As part of instruction, field trip organizers should also review safety and behavior rules and expectations with youth. These items should also be included in permission slip letters to parents/guardians of youth participants.

    To increase the educational effectiveness of field trips, pre-trip instruction should also focus on the content topics and concepts that participants will be investigating during the field trip. It is important for field trip organizers to give participants verbal clues regarding what to look for during their activities. Pre-trip instruction makes it easier for participants to focus on the educational goals of the trip. As part of pre-trip lessons, organizers should demonstrate the use of any equipment and explain in detail any activities that will be occurring during the field trip.

    Research has clearly shown that during field trips, learning activities involving groups of 2-3 individuals are most effective. These groups should be assigned during the pre-trip stage. Specific roles of each group member during activities (such as observer, recorder, graphic artist) should also be explained in advance.

    Trip Stage

    The second stage of a successful field trip is the trip itself. Two components should be addressed during this stage: the role of the participant and the role of the organizer. The role of the participant is accomplished by establishing a field trip agenda and sharing this agenda and field trip objectives with the participants. A suggested agenda for a field trip starts with a brief amount of free time for individuals to explore the field trip site on their own. This open exploration may not be appropriate in all locations. For example, individuals could not roam freely inside an equipment manufacturing plant. They could however, have free time to view items in the visitor area or lobby prior to the guided tour. This exploration time allows participants to get comfortable with their surroundings. Once the basic curiosity of the facility is satisfied, learners are better able to focus their attention on the content topics to be learned.

    The second phase on the agenda is often a whole-group guided tour. During the tour, the organizer or tour leader can point out specific items that relate to the educational goals of the trip. This also provides an opportunity for participants to ask any questions they may have developed during their exploration time. The third phase of a suggested field trip agenda is a small group learning activity. Working in pre-assigned groups of 2-3, participants can complete an activity such as a short worksheet or scavenger hunt. The worksheet should be designed in a manner that is challenging to learners yet not frustrating. The worksheet should clearly relate to the educational goals of the field trip.

    The role of the organizer is also an important consideration during the trip stage. Although monitoring and management of the experience is important, monitoring participant learning is also a major organizer responsibility. Throughout the field trip, the organizer should be actively engaged in teaching activities. However, on field trips the organizer should utilize different teaching approaches than those used in traditional classroom settings. Organizers should interact with participants to help answer questions they might have. Organizers should also initiate discussion with small groups of participants by asking them questions. During field trips, organizers should function more as facilitators or guides rather than directors. By playing an active rather than a passive role during the field trip, organizers can increase student interest and learning.

    Post-Trip Stage

    The third and final stage of a successful field trip is the post-trip stage. Like the stages before it, this stage also contains two components: debriefing and a culminating activity. During the debriefing session, participants should be encouraged to share and discuss their experiences during the field trip. This could include sharing and discussing data or results of assigned small group activities as well as sharing feelings about specific aspects of the trip or overall impressions. Participants should also be given an opportunity to identify and discuss problems encountered during the field trip.

    The second component of the post-trip stage is a culminating activity. This activity should give participants an opportunity to apply the content knowledge they gained during the field trip. Culminating activities should help learners tie together content they covered in regular educational program sessions and content learned during the field trip. They can be whole group or small group experiences. Both the debriefing and culminating activity should occur as soon after the trip as possible.

    Planning and organizing a successful field trip can be a great deal of work for the organizer. However, by following the simple steps in each of the pre-trip, trip, and post-trip stages, your participants can greatly benefit from your labor. Also when a well developed field trip plan is presented to administrators, many of their concerns are usually addressed. Field trips should be an integral part of extension programming. If county faculty properly plan and execute educational field trips everyone can benefit from the experience.

    Footnotes .

    Brian Myers, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Education and Communication, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences; and Linda Jones, Associate Professor, School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611.

    The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Opportunity Institution authorized to provide research, educational information and other services only to individuals and institutions that function with non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations. For more information on obtaining other UF/IFAS Extension publications, contact your county’s UF/IFAS Extension office.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture, UF/IFAS Extension Service, University of Florida, IFAS, Florida A & M University Cooperative Extension Program, and Boards of County Commissioners Cooperating. Nick T. Place, dean for UF/IFAS Extension.

    Ucd adult education centre adult education

    Contact us on 01.7167123 or by email: to request a copy of the 2013.14 programme.

    Welcome to a new programme several new initiatives for this academic year. You can now register online using our new booking facility on

    We have new Open Learning courses . Formerly called Extra mural or Interest, these Open Learning courses are part of a long tradition in UCD, and follow the legacy of the university’s founder Cardinal John Henry Newman, who wished to make higher level education accessible to a broad sweep or Irish people.

    Today, UCD remains committed to widening participation in higher education, in all its forms, whether to accredited formal learning programmes or informal open learning provision.As part of the Access and Lifelong Learning unit we are collaborating with colleagues across campus to extend opportunities to all. We believe the rich intellectual resources of the university should be available to all. A new aspect of this commitment involves a new project on flexible learning which offers you an opportunity to sample a semester or two of Archaeology at degree level.

    This year our colleagues in Science will open a remarkable new building. They will host our Open Learning programmes in their new facility and we welcome this development as it will facilitate a community of lifelong learners on the Belfield campus. In addition to the new initiatives we are also proud of one of our oldest offerings – mature years’ access courses. We have a unique and well-established record in Access for Mature Students. We offer Access to Arts and Human Sciences and Access to Science and Engineering Courses. all specifically designed for adults who may never before have had the opportunity to study at third level. The courses prepare learners who aim to take higher education options on completion. We also continue to offer our Certificate in Genealogy/Family History. Whatever your motivation we hope you join us in lifelong learning at UCD. We look forward to meeting you!

    Dr Bairbre Fleming

    Director UCD Adult Education Centre

    UCD Access and Lifelong Learning


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    A Powerful Resource

    Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, CES is one professional resource you can’t afford to do without. CES has the tools, training and courses you need to excel. CES instructors are qualified professionals that average 10 years experience in the real estate industry.

    If you’re ready to reach the next level of success, CES is here to guide you to real estate excellence. Proven, experienced, dependable and highly effective—CES is everything a professional guide should be. Best of all, classes are fun, engaging and will prepare you for a bright future in the real estate field.