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What you can learn

You’ll start with the basics of graphic and web design–areas like color, illustration, and image manipulation–then develop your skills through concept development and implementation courses. After your first year, you’ll focus on Graphic or Web Design, following a more directed course of study.

Choose the Graphic Design concentration and you’ll take a more traditional approach, studying product packaging, posters, art direction, and publication design.

The Web Design concentration focuses on interactive design and development, working across media platforms from mobile devices to desktop computers.


  • Color & design fundamentals
  • Image manipulation
  • Traditional typography
  • Layout & concept design
  • Web page scripting
  • Digital illustration
  • Interface design
  • Interactive motion graphics



  • Advertising concepts
  • Form and space, including advanced layout design
  • Package design
  • Business of graphic design
  • Publication design
  • Art direction
  • Information architecture
  • Audio & video
  • Experience design
  • Design for mobile devices & emerging technologies
  • Web page scripting

Caribbeanjobs ministry of education jamaica profile

Education in Jamaica is administered and delivered by the Ministry of Education through its central head office and six administrative regional offices.

The Ministry is headed by the The Honourable Minister who has policy responsibility for the Ministry and the Permanent Secretary is the Administrative head. The Education system is currently undergoing a process of radical transformation to keep pace with changing local and global realities.

In 2006/2007, public formal education at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels of the education system was accessed by approximately 541,000 students in 986 schools. During that year 22,363 teachers were employed in public schools.

The Ministry of Education provides a wide range of Career opportunities across its six (6) Divisions, thirty-three (33) Units, associated agencies and schools. Please take the time to peruse the attached job listings or visit our website for further information.

Medical internships abroad undergraduate medical volunteer opportunities

Broaden your Horizons

Join community projects and outreach teams in remote areas.

Medical Internships Abroad

Work the World offer dedicated global health internships and rotations to undergraduate students and college students who want to gain important practical experience, help supply medical assistance to those living in underprivileged areas and gain an indepth understanding of how basic healthcare can be delivered with extremely limited resources.

We offer international medical internships, elective rotations and volunteer opportunities for undergraduates looking to gain valuable experience working in our programs in Africa, Asia and South America.

Why Our Medical Volunteer Opportunities Are Unique

We have over 10 years of experience. having organized healthcare internships for over 3000 students. Read what our medical volunteers abroad say about their experiences outside the US.

We work with you to design a bespoke international healthcare rotation that matches your interests, removes the organizational hassle and ensures you feel 100% safe, prepared and supported throughout.

We provide specialist health internships abroad. offering a hugely valuable and rewarding experience to medical students looking to work in underprivileged areas overseas.

We work with a huge number of partner organizations such as hospitals, clinics, government authorities and non-government organizations to make sure that:

  • All our international internships are tailored to each individual’s requirements and interests
  • All our medical internships abroad are safe, structured and organized
  • All participants on the program feel comfortable and are supported throughout
  • You have a rewarding, unique and memorable experience

Get in touch with us and see how Work the World can help with your hospital or clinical internship.

Intern abroad programs international internships internships abroad cisabroad com

Intern Abroad

Show programs by:

Intern Abroad Program Spotlight

Live in France's cultural, intellectual, and fashion capital. Work in a variety of fields; art, design, health, marketing, tourism, and more!

Learn how Brits do business by working alongside your new English colleagues at a local museum, a high-powered corporate office, or the British Parliament! Our program includes professional development courses and cultural excursions.

Whether working with an Irish football team, a large multinational organization, or a local refugee relief center, you will get practical experience in your field of study. All the while, you can also take advantage of living in one of the best cities in Europe!

Polish your Italian, soak up the culture, and get great professional experience while working at a local or multi-national company in Florence! Placements are customized according to your background, skills, interests and Italian proficiency.

Gain practical experience while immersing yourself in the Kiwis’ friendly workplace and lively, modern Pacifica culture. Month-long to year-long placements are available.

Ever dream of working at a magazine, travel agency, or finance institution in beautiful Barcelona? Well, now you can! Work in English or Spanish, and soak up Barcelona’s wonders during our hands-on orientation and guided tours of the city.

Imagine spending a semester not only living and studying, but also working in the heart of London! Split your time between studying whatever your heart desires while gaining professional experience working alongside Londoners and internationals from around the world.

From six weeks to a year, in Sydney or Melbourne, you get to decide where you will intern and for how long. After hours, join your colleagues to soak up all Australia has to offer.

Improve your business skills while working with Chinese colleagues. Live and work in the modern cities of Shanghai or Beijing.

Spend a few months at a customized internship in fields as diverse as tropical biology, business, education, and art.

Whether you help at an orphanage, clinic, or women’s center, you can learn so much about the country through a hands-on, custom internship in Ecuador. There’s no better way to gain experience for your resume, improve your Spanish, and immerse yourself in this enchanting country.

Intern in the beautiful, lively, seaside city of Cape Town for a semester, summer or somewhere in between! Enjoy personal and professional growth as CISabroad coordinates both your practical internship as well as fun social and cultural activities in and around Cape Town.

Live in an amazing colonial town and get an internship tailored to your academic focus, career aspirations, and personal interests! You’ll gain professional experience while you study Spanish close to home, yet a world away.

Study AND intern in Perugia, Italy to get the most out of your semester abroad. Combine your studies with hands-on experience for a great resume builder. Enjoy fun, social and cultural activities with other study abroad participants and life in this beautiful, hilltop town full of Italian college students.

Make the most of your summer in beautiful Scotland by studying AND interning abroad! Enjoy a castle and golf course on campus, choose from a variety of courses, and spend the last month gaining exceptional practical experience through a hands-on internship.

Intern "abroad" in the beautiful and diverse archipelago of Hawaii! Experience the unique Hawaiian culture, explore the amazing natural environment, and gain exceptional experience through a customized internship.

Study AND intern abroad in beautiful and historic Aix-en-Provence, France! Courses are offered in a variety of subjects, taught in both French and English, and include language, history, culture, and business. Frequent excursions and cultural activities in southern France round out this exceptional program.

Intern abroad in Rome, Italy to improve your Italian language, immerse in the culture, and gain incredible professional experience in your field of choice. Spend one to three months during the summer or any other time of year working and living in magnificent Rome!

Understanding special education funding


Special Education Funding

Special Education funding is a complicated topic.  Most parents believe that federal and state governments provide funding and some even assume that special education is entirely funded by the federal government. But it is the local school districts who are mainly responsible for a free appropriate education, or FAPE.

Special education services were federally mandated in 1975 by the passage of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act.

This was later modified and became the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. IDEA requires states to provide children with special education services as a condition of receiving federal funds.

Special education law consists of broad requirements that mandate schools provide a free appropriate public education.

The federal government provides three special education funding grants under IDEA. The largest is called IDEA Part B, which supports special education programs for K-12. Two smaller grants support preschool programs and programs for infants and families. 


  •  On average, most states estimate that special education monies from the federal government make up less than 15%. This leaves the local school districts scrambling to fund the remaining costs of mandated special education services.

Part B of IDEA authorized Congress to contribute up to 40% of the average per pupil expenditure. But to this day, this has not happened.

Especially the new mandates that came with the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001. The result of this is that school districts have to encroach on their general fund monies to pay for the necessary special education services.

It seems obvious to most of us that if the federal government has mandated special education services under IDEA they should have a plan in place that adequately funds these programs and services. Unfortunately, public education doesn’t always make sense.

We’ve all heard the “WE HAVE NO MONEY” speech from our local school districts when it comes to explaining actions like increasing class sizes, laying off new teachers, cutting extra curricular activities and explaining the severe lack of specialists. Parent organizations and special education union members make regular trips to state capitals and Washington D.C. to lobby for the promised 40% special education funding. But, currently nothing has changed.

  • Statistics show across the United States, special education students are increasing. The services are drastically needed, yet the funding is just not there.

For example, we all have heard about the alarming increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Most of these children require DIS services in the area of speech and language therapy. However, there is an severe shortage of speech and language therapists across the United States and most districts can not afford to out source to the private sector. Although the services are mandated by IDEA, no one can afford them. This results in frustrated parents at IEP meetings forced to negotiate for services that should be easily provided by the local district.

Obviously, the current system is not working and everyone is suffering. Each state uses a different formula to determine their allocations from state governments and it is difficult to find even high level administrators who truly understand special education funding.

Parents interested in learning more about their states special education funding formula and local lobbying efforts should contact their special education department, CAC Chair, County Department of Education and their local legislators.

Education world news for you

News for Kids

Education World’s News for Kids stories present timely news “ripped from the headlines” for students in grades 3-up. We post a fresh news story almost every week of the school year. For those weeks when a fresh story is not posted, you might want to use one of these “evergreen,” or anytime, news stories from our archive.

New Airline Flies Pet ‘Paw-sengers’

A new airline that caters to dogs and cats is helping to take the stress out of pet owners’ travel.

World’s Tallest Building Opens in Dubai

A new building in the growing emirate of Dubai is the world’s tallest skyscraper.

Ancient SuperCroc Had Cousins

Five ancient crocodile species were recently discovered in Africa’s Sahara desert.

Should Kids Spend More Time in School?

Many people — including President Obama — are pushing for longer school days or school years.

Some Schools Replace Desk Chairs With Ball Chairs

Teachers say ball chairs engage students’ brains and help them focus on lessons.

Space Hotel Set to Open in 2012

Got $4.4 million? You could be one of the first to stay at the world’s first space hotel.

Which Animal Is the Weirdest in the World?

Learn about five very weird-looking animals. Vote for the one you think is weirdest.

Galapagos Islanders Aim to Control Tourism, Mosquitoes

Tourism and mosquitoes are threatening to change the Galapagos landscape forever.

Kid Heroes Use the Heimlich Maneuver

What repels mosquitoes might be more important than one attracts them.

Apartment, Community Smoking Bans Debated

Have smoking bans in apartments and communities gone too far?

Can You Last a Week Without ‘Screen Time’?

A new report says the average American spends 151 hours a month in front of a screen.

Will She Make the Big Leagues?

A Japanese teen has become the first female drafted by a professional baseball team.

Saving Sea Turtles

A sea turtle center in Georgia is working hard to save sea turtles and educate people.

Master in k 12 educational administration department of educational administration college of education michigan state university

Master of Arts in K-12 Educational Administration

The Masters program in K-12 Educational Administration prepares aspiring educators for leadership positions in public, charter and private school settings. The program is committed to developing school-level leadership for powerful and equitable teaching and learning and to ensuring students meet the state standards for leadership preparation. Most students complete the program in 2-3 years while working. Successful graduates qualify to apply to the Michigan Department of Education for Administrator Certification with Elementary and Secondary Endorsements.

Now with Hybrid Instruction in Three Locations

The Master of Arts in K-12 Educational Administration is now available in three locations: on MSU’s main campus in East Lansing . at Seaholm High School in Birmingham . Michigan,В  and at the MSU Detroit Center in Detroit . Michigan, where our core classes will be purposefully tailored to the particular needs of urban school leaders.

At all three sites,the K-12 Educational Administration Masters program accommodates full and part-time students and uses evening and online formats for its courses. The core courses for the degree are offered in a hybrid course format while most elective courses are totally online.В Hybrid courses have students meeting face to face four to six times over a semester with the remaining course interactions taking place online.В MSU offers faculty and students access to Zoom, an online communication tool that supports synchronous (meeting during scheduled times) online meetings for core instruction and for collaborative group work.В Most classes also have components that are completed asynchronously (according to individual student preference).В

Students new to the program take two integrated courses during the fall semester:В EAD 806 The Evolving Practice of School Leaders and EAD 811 Inquiry and Analysis of Teaching and Learning .В These two classes are "stacked" for the face to face weeks in order to maximize learning time and to minimize travel time. Another class integrated with these, EAD 812 Inquiry and Analysis of School Organizations is best taken immediately after EAD 806 and 811.В

Core studies

Core studies challenge students to progressively develop knowledge and skills for effective school-level leadership including:

  • Leadership practices responsive to contemporary demands for ambitious instruction, student achievement and school accountability;
  • The improvement and management of school organizations;
  • The use of inquiry to understand relationships between teaching, learning and school organizations;
  • The use of data for formative and summative assessment, planning and decision-making;
  • Understanding Michigan school finance policy and the effective allocation of school resources;
  • The development of teachers and teacher learning communities;
  • The promotion of in-depth understandings of the cultural and social contexts in which students live and learn;
  • Personal leadership development through ongoing apprentice learning activities and a year-long internship (designed for working educators);
  • Preparing and interviewing for competitive leadership positions.

Elective courses

Beyond core studies students choose elective courses, through which they develop the knowledge and skills needed for specific career directions, including:

  • Leadership for Urban Education
  • Policy studies
  • International Education Choose a semester and EAD Educational Administration.

Online education leads education phone transfer leads first impression interactive

What are the Benefits of Lead Generation for My Online Education Institute?

There are many benefits that are associated with hiring lead generation for an online education leads business. This is a professional service provided by experienced individuals who have been trained in lead generation for years. Having a strong foundation in lead generation and high quality results ensures that clients will have access to more reliable leads.

Can First Impression handle Education Phone Transfers (edu hot transfers)?

Yes! In fact, our LeadPath software was built with this specific scenario in mind. Using our proprietary software when a user hits a certain threshold of interest and matches your demographic profile we can quickly and easily transfer that user to your call center.

If you have decided that your current methods of lead generation aren’t providing you with the results that you need for optimal success with your business, why not consider trying out FII-Inc and discovering what our services can offer towards the lead generation for your business? Already trusted and acclaimed by many clients, our services have helped to fill in the gaps in service that many small businesses and new business owners simply aren’t able to provide on their own. At Fll-Inc, we understand that lead generation can be a large and demanding responsibility – which is why we take care of it for you.

For more information about lead generation and how it can benefit your business, contact FII-Inc at 877-764-3477. The representatives will be able to answer your questions and acknowledge any concerns that you may have about how lead generation can improve your business presence and take you towards the pathway for greater success with your business or corporation.