Mvrdv architecture and urbanism internships

Architecture and Urbanism Internships

MVRDV invites qualified candidates currently studying architecture or urbanism to apply for the position of Architectural Intern. Candidates must be creative, innovative and with a vision reflecting our work. Excellent design and CAD skills are required as well as knowledge of the Adobe suite and 2D and 3D rendering skills. Please state your level of skill with each software package in your application. Candidates should be stress resistant and able to work in international teams. Candidates need to produce written evidence of enrollment in a university or academy. Given the international character of our office, interns need to be fluent in English. Candidates who meet these criteria and are fluent in one of the following languages will be favoured: Mandarin, French, German, Dutch/Flemish. Due to Dutch immigration laws the majority of our interns are from EEC countries or come with an exchange/study visa; please note that we can no longer apply for visas for interns. Internships are for the duration of six months or a year, and MVRDV is currently hiring interns to start September 2013 or January 2014. Exceptions are possible for excellent candidates.

At MVRDV interns are part of the design team and develop new skills on many levels, from the design process to model making and presentations. The education process is varied and intensive, the office is highly motivated and international. Successful candidates receive a basic monthly stipend. There are a few affordable rooms available for interns. Rotterdam is a relatively affordable city that can be traveled entirely by bicycle. Frequent events in art, film, design and architecture are organized boosting the city ’ s architectural activities. Interns usually meet with other interns, architects and students and enter the city’s buzzing social life easily.

MVRDV is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to treat all employees and applicants equally, regardless of gender or marital status, race or color, nationality or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or age. Please address your motivation letter, cv, recommendation and portfolio preferably as PDF not larger than 5mb in total to: Links to online portfolios are also acceptable, though not through file transfer or sharing websites. Applications without portfolio will not be considered. Hardcopies can be sent to: MVRDV, Postbus 63136, 3002 JC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, mentioning Architectural Internship and the period you would like to be at MVRDV on the envelop.

College of education education degree program university of phoenix

College of Education

About the College of Education

The landscape of education is changing. As a new or current teacher, you must know how to individualize instruction, address Common Core State Standards and incorporate technology into your lesson plans. If you want to impact student learning and successfully navigate these issues in your classroom, you’ll find the resources and support you need in ours.

The College of Education offers degree programs ranging from elementary and secondary education to administration and corporate training. No matter which you choose, you’ll find programs taught by faculty members with an average 17 years of classroom experience. Prepare for certification in your state with curricula aligned with national standards. Then get to work shaping lives.


*Maryland residents completing undergraduate degree programs will earn an emphasis rather than a concentration in a particular area of study.

University of Phoenix initial degree programs lead to teaching certification (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary and Special Education) in certain states. The College of Education offers state-approved initial programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. University of Phoenix advanced degree programs (Administration & Supervision, Curriculum & Instruction/Reading, and Teacher Leadership) may lead to certification in some states. The College of Education offers state-approved advanced programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Utah. Individual programs vary by state, and not all programs are available at all locations or in both online and on-campus modalities.

Candidates may request an institutional recommendation upon successful completion of their program (academic and program requirements). Candidates should check with their state agency for any state-specific requirements, including the acceptability of the University’s initial programs in any state in which they intend to seek licensure or certification. Program requirements are subject to change based on state certification requirements. Please speak to a campus representative for a listing of programs available at each campus location.

Finding an internship english department university of maryland

Finding an Internship

The following resources and considerations are intended to aid you in your search for the perfect internship.

Internship experience can help students stand out in today’s crowded job market. English majors and minors have acquired reading, writing, and research skills which a variety of employers find highly desirable. If a student doesn’t have any experience in a particular career field, an internship can provide the experience needed to make a successful entry into the workforce. A semester-long stint at a publishing house, law office, media outlet, or government or nonprofit agency allows students to:

  • Take their skills outside of the classroom and into a specific company or organization
  • Make important contacts
  • Acquire references to use as they apply for positions in the future
  • Try out possible fields of interest before they graduate
  • Gain valuable skills to list on their resumes
  • See the value of an English degree beyond the obvious path of teaching
  • Narrow down the type of writing they’re interested in doing in their careers
  • Learn how to interact with colleagues
  • Get an early chance to experience the world of work firsthand

Important Considerations

  • Many internships only require a semester-long commitment.
  • Supervisors are often quite willing to work around a student’s academic schedule.
  • Students can earn college credit while they intern (see below).
  • Junior year is the ideal time to complete an internship, but opportunities exist for everyone.
  • Even if students don’t have any related experience, an enthusiastic, eager attitude can help them receive an internship.
  • Students can complete more than one internship during their undergraduate years.
  • Internship experience can serve as a powerful navigational tool. It will allow students to focus their interests and uncover professional strengths and weaknesses.

Finding an Internship

Past interns have worked for magazines, newspapers, literary agencies, publishing houses, public relations firms, law firms, television and radio stations, museums, theatres, non-profits, and more. .

Receiving Academic Credit for your Internship

The English Department offers academic credit for pre-professional internships through ENGL388P, our Pre-Professional Internship Course. Please visit the ENGL388P page for additional information on applying academic credit.

In addition, the English Undergraduate Studies Office offers internship advising on an individual basis to introduce students to internship opportunities inside and outside of the English Department. To make an appointment to see the internship advisor, call the English Undergraduate Studies office at 301-405-3825. or stop by 1128 Tawes Hall .

Join allstate for a summer actuarial internship

Life Actuarial Summer Internship Program

At Allstate Financial, actuarial internships are a great way to gain a head start on your actuarial career by having meaningful work, being part of a dynamic team, and working in an outstanding environment. Our 12-week internship program begins in May and continues through August, with flexible starting dates. As an Allstate intern, you’ll work side-by-side with experienced actuaries who will help translate your classroom knowledge into a strong, practical actuarial foundation.

Allstate Financial is looking for self-motivated candidates who possess a strong mathematical aptitude, keen analytical and problem solving ability, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and leadership skills.

Summer Internship Highlights

  • Challenging and meaningful actuarial work
  • Smaller intern class = higher quality intern projects
  • A supportive environment fostered by actuarial managers who provide on-the-job training
  • A mentor program where each intern is matched with an actuarial associate
  • Educational workshops led by actuaries throughout the company
  • Luncheon meetings providing visibility to senior management
  • Social outings with interns and other actuaries, sponsored by Allstate
  • Allstate Corporation hired over 150 interns for the summer of 2012
  • Outings include Cubs games, Whirlyball, Six Flags, and Intern picnic
  • Competitive salaries with retroactive raises for exams passed in May
  • Subsidized housing at preferred locations
  • Free transportation at beginning and end of internship
  • Daily transportation to and from Allstate Financial
  • Business casual attire
  • Sign-on bonus or partial tuition reimbursement if hired back as a full-time employee

Topologika educational software for schools and home learning

“Words & Music is. simply fantastic. Full of ready-to-use activities and lessons it’s the best educational software I’ve purchased, a home educators dream (and) an instant hit with my nine year old daughter” – Amazon Review

“I would like to say how impressed I am with Topologika’s service throughout all my transactions and do not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks again.” Jane Sampson (parent and teacher)

“The children made a circle as soon as you answered my e-mail, and the excitement was exhilarating. ScreenTurtle 2 is such a simple but effective program” Marg Lester, ICT Teacher, Bonsall Primary

“Scally’s World of Verbs (contains) a handbook, storybook, music for Scally’s catchy song plus flash cards – a beautiful, enjoyable program which can be configured to meet children’s needs” – TES Online

“My son moved up to high school this year and really misses MusicBox 2. He sometimes calls into my school to play the compositions he saved. It’s really helped to develop his confidence in music and composition” – Christine Duffin (Bury)

“Students like ScienceMania ‘s great graphics and the fun animations are an integral part” – Simon Midgley, Rhyddings School

“Speaking for Myself PLUS is an excellent resource for teaching speaking and listening. It is hugely interactive and can be used independently or by a small group or whole class via an interactive whiteboard” – TEEM

“Scally’s World of Problems encourages players to explore ideas and think. (It is) entertaining and challenges a wide age range, including adults, without frustrating elements. such as dead ends and hidden items” – Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

“Talking Clocks PLUS is visually superb, easy to use and configure and, importantly, has been specifically designed to dovetail with the National Numeracy Strategy” – TEEM

“Ideal for Primary and KS3/4 pupils, textThing PLUS seems excellent value for money as it provides so much for both teacher and pupil combining many activities into one program” Victoria Crivelli, BDA (British Dyslexia Association)

“The competitive interest generated through Wordmania 7-11’s multiplayer option is addictive. (The pack) provides effective revision for what can be a rather dry curriculum area” – TEEM

Internships graduate jobs com

Internships & Work Placements

What are they and why should I get one?

An internship will help you to make valuable industry contacts and ultimately to find out if that type of job is right for you in the longer term. It will also give you a head start over less experienced applicants when applying for full time graduate jobs and given the stiff competition out there now that can be a significant advantage.

Many of these schemes are targeted at first or second years and so you need to start searching and applying for the roles early. You should also bear in mind that there are relatively few vacancies for the number of graduates out there so the competition is tough – the earlier you start to think about them the better.

It’s all in the name

Student Internships and work placements are also marketed under many different guises, some of which we have included below with a brief explanation. Essentially they vary only slightly but you should read each job description carefully before applying to make sure you are clear about what it entails:

  • Internships – A phrase that is increasingly used by large companies and refers to a placement within their organisation. It is the same thing as a placement or the more generic term work experience. Internships can be paid or un-paid and last for anything from 2 weeks to a year.
  • Student work experience – this is the catch-all title and covers every different type of role. Each employer uses this in a slightly different way so becareful to always read the job description carefully
  • Sandwich placements – assessed paid work which is part of your course. It is often of one year’s duration and usually takes place inbetween your second and final year of study.
  • Work-based project – A specific piece of assessed work for a course, undertaken at an employer’s premises.
  • Student work placement – A period of work experience, which can be paid or unpaid, and is part of a course of study. This can be arranged through your university with an employer or by yourself and is for an agreed period of time.
  • Work Shadowing – Where a student observes a member of staff working in an organisation, and so gains an understanding of what a particular job entails. These roles are often unpaid and are used mainly to gain experience

So to get your head start look at the roles in the box above, find one you like and Apply!

Visit our Booklet page for more information.

Office of science outreach stanford university

Unpaid Internships for High School Students

Many students are interested in holding an unpaid internship within a Stanford science or engineering laboratory. The Office of Science Outreach is not able to help individual students identify a host lab or project, but you will find some tips in the document to the left.

Students must be at least 16 years old to hold an internship within a research lab, due to the university’s liability policies. Stanford cannot arrange on-campus housing for unpaid interns.

The Department of Labor uses six criteria to determine whether a student working in a lab is an intern or a university employee. To be classified as an internship:

  1. Training is similar to that which would be given at a school;
  2. Training is for the benefit of the trainee/intern;
  3. Intern does not displace regular employees;
  4. Intern works under close observation;
  5. Stanford derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern and on occasion, the department/lab’s operations may actually be impeded;
  6. Interns are not entitled to a job at the completion of the training/internship period.

Faculty interested in hosting interns informally will find a resource to help them here. (2nd bullet)

Internships at parks nyc parks

How to Apply

You may apply for an internship with Parks in one of three ways:

830 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10065

Attn: Internship Coordinator

or fax them to (212) 360-8200.

Only one form of submission is necessary. Please state in your cover letter whether you are applying for a school year or summer internship.

NOTE: Due to current budget constraints, most internship positions are unpaid.

About Parks

Parks & Recreation is a public agency of over 3,500 people that care for about 29,000 acres of parkland. Parks' principal mission is to keep the parks, playgrounds, and sitting areas of New York City clean and safe, while also developing the City's recreational opportunities by offering quality facilities, programs, and events to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.

In addition to maintaining 14% of New York City's land, Parks is also the City's leading programmer of cultural, athletic, and social activities, including nature walks, concerts, learn-to-swim classes, sports clinics, historic house tours, and much more.

In the summer, the agency organizes free carnivals and concerts and sends mobile recreation vans to travel throughout the five boroughs, providing free rental equipment for skating, baseball, and miniature golf.

The Parks Commissioner appoints Deputy Commissioners, Borough Commissioners, and Assistant Commissioners who are responsible for managing the agency's divisions. These senior officials supervise the work of Parks employees and work with elected officials to complete capital improvements for parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers. They also work with the private sector to sponsor free public events and get the community involved in Parks through volunteer initiatives and educational and athletic programming in recreation and nature centers. In addition, they prepare Parks' budget and monitor the work of Parks' ice-skating rinks, golf courses, and other concessions.

Jobs in victorian government schools

Jobs in Victorian Government Schools

Welcome to Recruitment Online (ROL) .  Recruitment Online is the Department’s online job advertisement and recruitment management system for Victorian Government school jobs.

Whether you are an employee seeking a promotion or transfer opportunity to take the next step in your career or looking for your first job, you will find all Victorian Government school jobs, including executive class, principal, assistant principal, teacher and education support class vacancies, advertised on Recruitment Online .  Education support class vacancies include student support services positions (social workers, speech therapists and psychologists).

Recruitment Online Availability

Searching or Applying for a Job  (Applicants)

Recruitment Online allows you to:

  • search for and apply for current vacancies
  • be notified of relevant new vacancies by setting up a Job Alert, and
  • choose to be included in the Talent Pool for Principals to search for potential applicants.

Recruitment Online for Recruiters

Recruitment Online is used to manage all aspects of advertising a vacancy and progressing applicants through the recruitment process.  For employees involved in managing the recruitment process, a Recruiter Help Manual is available.  Help can be accessed by clicking the "Help" link at the top right hand corner of each screen in ROL or by accessing the Help for Recruiters link below.

Recruitment Online for Selection Panel Members

Recruitment Online can be used by members of selection panels in performing their role to

  • view the vacancy
  • access applications; and
  • review any attachments an applicant provides to support their application.